Moments of Impact

When 17 year old Claire is in a tragic car crash, her sister dies and her brother's brain is affected in a way so that he might never remember his old life. When Claire goes to therapy group she meets Greg the man who was driving the car that caused the crash. After being instructed by her therapy counselor to talk to meet Greg she discovers his brother Niall and a band known as one direction. She finds the five friends she never had and learns how to accept the crazy turns life has. But will her brother ever remember who she is??


9. Staying the Night

          When the boys finally got done it was already eight and we hadn't eaten yet so we ordered a pizza to be delivered there. When the four large pizzas were delivered, there was silence for 15 minutes while every single slice was being devoured.  We finally left the studios at nine which wasn't that late except the fact that it was a three hour drive home.  

          We all piled into the car as they stopped to sign more autographs and take more pictures and we eventually started the long drive home.  After the crash I had always been afraid of being in a car when it was dark.  You can't see as well and that would always scare me now, so I tried my very best not to look outside.  Harry and Liam had already fallen asleep and the rest didn't look that far behind them. 

          I checked my phone to make sure I didn't have any messages only to discover I had two missed calls and many texts. They were all from my mom all consisting of "when will you be home?" I asked the driver how long he thought it would take to get to Simon's and all I got was at least 11:0O.

          "hey are you driving me home?" I asked the barely awake Louis "umm I can, but I was just gonna stay at Simon's tonight" he replied. "You can stay there also" zayn said still wide awake. "ok" I said relieved because I didn't want Louis driving me home at midnight when he was already starting to fall asleep.

I quickly texted my mom knowing she was getting impatient  

I'm going to stay at a friends house tonight, will be home tomorrow okay?

Moments later I received a text back  

sounds great will see you tomorrow love you

          I put my phone away relieved that she wasn't upset and found everyone asleep except for Zayn.  I was happy that someone was awake although zayn wouldn't have been my first choice. I didn't know much about him yet, but we still had over an hour left so I guess now was my time to get to know him. "so Zayn where are you from?" I asked not really caring but knowing I had to start somewhere. "Bradford" he replied "do you have any siblings?" "yea"

           Uh maybe this was going to be harder than I thought he didn't seem like he wanted to talk to me. Then again maybe he was just tired, I knew I was. I tried to find a comfortable way to lay, but I couldn't find anything soft. Until I found Harry. His hair was like a soft, messy, curly, pillow. I rested my head on top of his and I slowly drifted off to sleep.


When I awoke I heard something mumbling underneath me.

"Somethings on me"

I remembered I had used Harry for a pillow but was too lazy to open my eyes or move so I just moaned. Whatever I did must have worked because I felt strong arms picking me up and moving me out of the car.  Who ever was carrying me took me inside the house and very gently laid me down on a couch.  He then covered me with a blanket.  I peeped one eye open to see Louis walking to the couch across from mine and laying down. I smiled and fell back to sleep.  For the first time in the past week I hadn't fallen asleep worrying about something or crying about my life. I fell asleep smiling.

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