Moments of Impact

When 17 year old Claire is in a tragic car crash, her sister dies and her brother's brain is affected in a way so that he might never remember his old life. When Claire goes to therapy group she meets Greg the man who was driving the car that caused the crash. After being instructed by her therapy counselor to talk to meet Greg she discovers his brother Niall and a band known as one direction. She finds the five friends she never had and learns how to accept the crazy turns life has. But will her brother ever remember who she is??


29. Not Sinking

We pulled into the pick up lane of the hospital, where Sydney and Niall were waiting patiently. I smiled at them through the passenger window as they crawled into the back seats of Louis’s car. Sydney and Niall exchanging a glance before giggling like little school girls.

I gave them a questioned look, as Sydney said giggling, “Inside joke.” She gave a glance at Niall, who was smiling as well. I nodded, feeling slightly left out. Sydney and I have so many inside jokes, and it was weird to think that she had one with another person. I gave a smile as i turned back to the front in my seat, facing the correct way, watching the road. Watching it go the familiar route to my house, passing the grassy fields and the buildings with kids drawing on the sidewalk.

Louis stopped at the front of my house, seeing the freshly clipped grass and weedless garden. Before i could open my door, Louis was already on the other side, smiling at me as he helped me out. “You know i could have done that myself.” I smirked as he was walking me to the door. “Hey remember,” He smiled as he pulled out wrists together, “I’ll be there for you.” He finished, his blue eyes sparkling. I grinned back at him, “Well... Thank you.” He nodded. And as i was opening my front door, he turned to me and gave me a peck on the cheek. I blushed heavily, as i said a very faint, ‘Bye’ as i went inside my house, where he couldn’t see me the color of a tomato.

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