Moments of Impact

When 17 year old Claire is in a tragic car crash, her sister dies and her brother's brain is affected in a way so that he might never remember his old life. When Claire goes to therapy group she meets Greg the man who was driving the car that caused the crash. After being instructed by her therapy counselor to talk to meet Greg she discovers his brother Niall and a band known as one direction. She finds the five friends she never had and learns how to accept the crazy turns life has. But will her brother ever remember who she is??


13. First Times


          It was getting late and most of the guests had started to leave, Louis was passed out on the couch and everyone else in the kitchen was eating cake. By now Niall had already had at least three pieces and, needed to be pulled away from the cake. The only way we were able to get him to stop eating the cake was if we promised to order pizza once everyone else had left. He fell asleep in the basement.

          “Hey Nikki,” Nikki's younger sister yelled.  “Ya Annabelle?”  she responded.  “Is there any cake left?” “Yep come on down,” Nikki shouted to her.  The 12 yr. old came racing into the kitchen. She had short brown hair and freckles on her face.  “Thanks,” she said as she grabbed a piece of cake.

          She looked up at Nikki, and froze when she saw the other guests in her kitchen. “Why is One Direction in our house?” she asked, starstruck. “Claire invited them, she met them a couple days ago.” Nikki answered. “Oh ok’” she said trying to act normal  “Hello Love, do you want me to autograph something, or take a picture?” Liam asked. “Sure, but where are Louis and Niall?” she asked. “Oh they’re asleep on the couch, if you wait another 20 minutes ‘til the pizza gets here they will be up.”

          “Pizza? We’re getting pizza?” Annabelle asked, “Yep” Nikki replied. “But its 10PM.” “Yeah I know, but we never had dinner, so we might as well not starve,” “Hey can i stay the night?” I asked Nikki “Sure, Sydney staying here also,” Nikki replied, “Are you guys driving home?” she asked turning to the boys. “Well only Louis can drive, and right now he’s passed out on the couch, so whenever he wakes up we will leave.” Harry said.

          “Won’t he be really tired, and isn’t that dangerous? You guys can just stay the night here.” Nikki said “Really? Thanks! I wouldn’t want to be in the car with a sleepy Lou driving,” Zayn replied "So do you want to watch a movie while we wait for the pizza? Nikki offered?" "sure," Harry said starting to look sleepy.

          We went into the living room where Louis was sleeping and turned on rise of the dark night.  We didn't get that far into the movie when the pizza guy arrived.    I tipped the delivery guy and hauled the four large pizzas into the kitchen. We woke up Louis and made sure everyone had gotten as much as they wanted before anyone awoke Niall. We sent Liam down to the basement with three slices of meat lovers pizza, knowing that once Niall smelled the pizza he would snap awake.  Everyone else followed downstairs so we could continue the movie.  

           As soon as Niall and Louis had finished their pizza they were back asleep, and Harry, Liam and Sydney weren't far behind them.  That only left Nikki, Zayn and I still awake, Nikki was slowly drifting to sleep, but she could still make conversation. I went upstairs with Nikki to her room and changed into my pajamas, took off my makeup, and removed my contacts. I looked at myself in the mirror to find that my eyes were still puffy from earlier, hopefully Nikki was too tired to notice.

           I drowsily walked out I the bathroom and back into her room. I sat on her bed, as she emerged from her closet wearing red fox footies, pyjamas. "have you been crying?" she asked concerned. Dang it, I really didn't want to talk about his right now, but I knew Nikki wasn't going to let this go.  "yeah, I went to Louis's house today and I met his sisters, and they just reminded me so much of Caroline, and well I had a meltdown." I replied.  Nikki walked over and hugged me. "Why didn't you tell me?"

           "it's your birthday party, you didn't need me to be a crying wreck at your party." I answered putting a smile on my face. "now lets go downstairs, we don't wanna leave Zayn all by himself."  As we were walking downstairs we found Annabelle asleep on the couch, I guess she could get her picture tomorrow.  


          When we got down to the basement, I didn't find it surprising that zayn was still up, he seemed to be the night owl. His face was lit up by his phone, while everyone around him slept peacefully.  "Hey what are you up to?" I asked. " I'm just tweeting fans" he replied. "Do you want to do something else?" I asked. "what did you have in mind?" He asked curiously.  I gave Nikki a mischievous look, "I'll go get them" she said, suddenly feeling more awake. 

          "what are you talking about? What is she getting?" Zayn asked confused, "relax zayn, you'll find out soon enough." "but why can't you tell me now?" He whined growing more impatient. " no, you'll just have to wait" I stated. Zayn pouted and gave me puppy dog eyes, I couldn't stand it anymore,

          "fine, were playing chubby bunny." "what's that?"  "You've never played it before?" I asked. He shook his head, " we'll then you are in for a surprise." I said just as Nikki came back down stairs with a bag of large marshmallows, "Zayns never played chubby bunny" I told Nikki.  " what? How can you have never played it?" She asked " never mind, it doesn't matter lets just play," I said " ok basically you put a marshmallow in your mouth and you have to say chubby bunny after each one."

          "sounds simple enough" he said. "Yep it sounds simple, but it's not easy, my record is five." Nikki said.  "Mines six," I said.  "Ya but that's just cuz Claire has a big mouth," Nikki said laughing. "Hey!" I said hitting her with a pillow,  Zayn snickered.  "Oh you think that's funny?" I said, " lets start, oh and the trash can is on the right in the bathroom."  "Why would I need to kno...," I cut zayn off "chubby bunny," I said stuffing a marshmallow in my mouth. Nikki did the same and zayn followed.

          Zayn was fine until he got to the fifth one. He had just been shoving the marshmallows into his mouth, while me and Nikki had been placing them on the sides.  He pushed the fifth marshmallow in his mouth, and you could tell he was struggling.  "trash can is on the right in the bathroom," I called to him as he got up and ran down the hall.  Nikki, almost made it to six, but we both started laughing, and couldn't manage to open our mouths without spewing marshmallows everywhere.  Me and Nikki walked to the bathroom to find zayn rising out his mouth.  "Well that was fun," he said sarcastically. "you didn't enjoy losing?" Nikki asked.  "hey, it was my first time!" He said 

          "relax zayn, well let you win next time" I said.  We walked back over to the couches, and all grabbed the few remaining blankets.  I laid down next to Nikki and zayn was probably two feet away.  Nikki fell asleep within minutes, and not long after zayn and I were as well.


"Claire!!" Sydney whispered in my ear," get up!!" I heard coughing in the background, someone must have caught a cold." I don't wanna, it's too early!!" "get up now!" Sydney said getting slightly annoyed. "No" I said not even opening my eyes.

"Nialls having troubling breathing, now get your lazy bum out of bed!" She said kicking me.

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