Moments of Impact

When 17 year old Claire is in a tragic car crash, her sister dies and her brother's brain is affected in a way so that he might never remember his old life. When Claire goes to therapy group she meets Greg the man who was driving the car that caused the crash. After being instructed by her therapy counselor to talk to meet Greg she discovers his brother Niall and a band known as one direction. She finds the five friends she never had and learns how to accept the crazy turns life has. But will her brother ever remember who she is??


14. Beyonce

           "Syd, why didn't you start with that?" I asked my eyes popping open to look at the blurry room. "never mind, but you have to drive him to the hospital!" She said "I'm not gonna drive" I said "what other choice do we have?" "I'm not driving" I said louder than I had expected. Liam stirred in his sleep, he rubbed his eyes. " I'm not driving," I repeated "what's going on?" Liam asked still drowsy. 

           "Niall's sick" I said "what?" Liam said sitting up "he's sick," I repeated growing annoyed, " he's having trouble breathing, is he allergic to anything?" "Uhh I don't think so, but I’ll ask him" Liam replied."he can't talk very well" I said. "wait." Sydney said "isn't Niall allergic to cats?" "oh ya, he is," Liam said.

           Sydney mouthed something to me. "syd you know I suck at reading lips at 3AM just tell me what you’re saying." I said "Beyonce," was the one word that came out of her mouth. "What the heck does Beyonce have to do with Niall being allergic to cats?" Liam asked impatiently. "Beyonce is Nikki's cat" I said walking over to where had been sleeping. Sure enough the blanket and pillow had cat fur all over them. I walked away from Niall. 

           "Where are you going?" Sydney asked.  "To wake Louis, maybe he can drive us." "Louis, Louis wake up" I said softly at first. Louis groaned "I need you to get up right now, otherwise your little Irish friend might die." I said exaggerating the truth. Louis sat up. " What's wrong with Niall?" He said groggily.

           "I'll tell you on the way to the hospital, but right now you need to drive us there." I said, giving him no choice.  Louis slowly got up and grabbed his shoes. "Come on Niall lets go," Sydney said leading the coughing Niall up the stairs. Liam followed us, "No Liam, you have to stay here, so that you can explain what happened to the others." I said "But...." " no your staying  here, I'll keep you updated when we find anything out," I promised. 

           Liam pouted, but I didn't have time to argue. Louis had already gone  outside and started the car and Sydney and Niall were slowly making their way to the car.  Once we were all in the car I told Louis the way to the hospital.  
"So um what happened to Niall?" louis asked over the coughing.

           "Niall's allergic to Beyonce." I said " The singer? When did he meet her?" He said "No, not the singer, Nikki's cat." I replied.  " Oh.." He answered
When we finally arrived at Royal Hallamshire Hospital we walked into the emergency room.  The last time I had been here was only two weeks ago during the accident.  Louis and I went up to the desk, while Sydney sat down with Niall.

           "Our friend had had an allergic reaction," I said pointing over to the coughing Niall.  "Okay, we will be with you as soon as we can," the lady replied. The waiting room wasn't very busy, but there were a few other patients.  There was one guy who was holding his arm and had a pained expression on his face.  Also in the room was another lady who was sitting down moaning clutching her pregnant belly.  

           The lady was soon wheeled away, which gave me an idea.  " Niall you have to moan and act like your in pain and dying." I suggested.  Niall started coughing louder and harder, and every now and then he would stop and moan.  After a couple minutes of this a lady led Niall to another room.  

           Since Niall couldn't talk very well one of us was allowed to go with him.  Originally I had suggested Louis because he probably knew the most about him, but after talking for a while we decided on Sydney. She knew most of what had happened, because she had been the first to wake up. The nurse led the coughing Niall and Sydney down a long white hall, while me and Louis were left to wait.

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