Too Young

Kay is 11 years old. When she finds herself obsessing over the popular British boy band one direction , she tends to think about them every moment of the day in her normal middle school life . But when both her and her absolute DIRECTIONER best friend, Julia , gets backstage ticks to the AZ concert
There lives may change.
Will 5 18-20 year old boys fall in deep love with 11 year old middle school girls?!


11. welcome to fame :) (kay POV chapter)

kays pov***********

finally, me, jul and the boys got off the jet. we all streched then louie jumped, grabbed me and jul, and yelled


i didnt understand what was happening, neither jul, but the boys seemed to know, so i went with it. so running towards the airport, i noticed out of the slightest part of my eye, MILLIONS OF SCREAMING GIRLS RUNNING AFTER US. like we were famous! well maybe they were running for the boys (they were) but anyways, running for my life, niall grabbed my hand and we stirided to the airport. the airport peps closed the big doors behind us before those crazy fangirls me & jul once were couldnt get in, i lunged over and breathed heavily, "what..ha...was.....that...?" liam dusted his ivisible dust off " our fans and your future fans " he smiled  " you girls are gonna have..ha.. to get it" harry breathed out well that sounds wonderful, but still this is kinda cool, i smiled and said " get used to this dont ya."

we got our stuff and walked to haha, its like im famous already. on the way to the studio, paparazi stopped us, "now who are these lovely girls?" asked one, he put the mic next to niall "oh! uh we are currently working with them for our new tour, so" he looked at the camera "look out for them!" "yeah this is Kay&Jul" he held his hand out in our direction, the mic was at me now "hey!" we both said, "there american!" louie added in. "well make sure to update! and we hope to see more from you both!" the reporter said and walked away. "and that" zayn said "was your introduction,


                                                            Welcome to fame :)

  *NEXT CHAPTER : 1ST SONG, 1ST TOUR, niall POV chapter)*


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