Too Young

Kay is 11 years old. When she finds herself obsessing over the popular British boy band one direction , she tends to think about them every moment of the day in her normal middle school life . But when both her and her absolute DIRECTIONER best friend, Julia , gets backstage ticks to the AZ concert
There lives may change.
Will 5 18-20 year old boys fall in deep love with 11 year old middle school girls?!



Kay's POV
After jamming out to there awesome concert me and Julia walked to the backstage area. I linked arms with Julia and we grinned as we passed thru. I started to shake.
" ok here's the deal we just gotta be cool! There normal like us!"
I said
" yah! Weve got nothing to lose! It's not like they'll ever fall in love with us... To think, a couple of 18- 20 year olds to fall in love with 12 year olds! Impossible! But anyways lets just have a great time "
We arrived to big black doors. After me an Julia had calmed, they opened up and THeRE THEY WERE. They greeted us with big Horan hugs and beautiful British accents. Then there was Niall ... He hugged me very close on the couch, he smiled down on me with his gorgeous blue eyes as he asked me how he concert was.
" it was amazing ! " I said
"Glad you liked it!" he said with the most fine Irish accent.

Julias POV

I saw Kay was busy over there with Niall but then I noticed Harry looking at me , I glanced over and he flashed a cheeky grin " hi!" he said
I couldn't help smiling " hey!"
" ya like the concert? " he shuffled around the couch and looked in my eyes
" I absolutely loved it !"
" hahah, that's great" he said deeply
" hey boys! Why don't we get them something to eat? Ya know.."
Harry yelled
" I'LL GET IT!!! XD " Louie jumped up and ran into the silver doors
I looked to side and saw zayn
He was laughing with Niall and Kay
Liam nudged me
"ow! That hurted ! " I gutted and smiled
"hahaha sorry! I jus-" he cut of smiling
"STOP HURTING LITTLE GIRLS LIAM." I herd louie say from the kitchen like area.
Me and Harry, Liam laughed
This was just amazing.

Nialls POV

As I started continuing on the convo with this sweet little girl... I felt something ... It was weird... I mean she's in MIDDLE SCHOOL right idk I mean she's kinda cute I mean she's kinda pretty! She's really funny too...and shee had the sweetest laugh... I guess h could just go on!!!!
I smiled at her I could see her face grow red and she bit her lip

Damn that's so cute...

Harrys POV

I'm not a Pedo but I think I like her I mean she's so pretty! He beautiful glowing red hair flowed around get face perfectly .... This is not me what I'm I talking about! She's 12?!?! Agh I gotta stop but she's so CUTE....
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