Too Young

Kay is 11 years old. When she finds herself obsessing over the popular British boy band one direction , she tends to think about them every moment of the day in her normal middle school life . But when both her and her absolute DIRECTIONER best friend, Julia , gets backstage ticks to the AZ concert
There lives may change.
Will 5 18-20 year old boys fall in deep love with 11 year old middle school girls?!


2. The Concert

*julias POV *

Me and Karma- er or Kay sat in my Bros backseat jumping and figiting like crazy. This wasn't happening! I am going to actually meet Harry styles! And my best friend will be right by my side! Ohh! I can't wait! As we drove up to the stadium I nearly screamed. I mean, even If I see a picture of them I scream my head off! Imagine me meeting them! I touch the handle as we parked, this is it!

*karmas POV (Kay) *
"! This is the moment! Not only in the front, we will meet them! Ahhh! " I said to Julia
She grinned, we linked arms and went into the stadium . Her big brother drove us he told us he'd be back and to keep out phones on and be safe. We screamed " okay!!!" in unison
" omg imagine how cute Niall will be ..."
It wasn't me to be boy crazy but Julia knew how I was . We walked down the block to the doors we saw about 5 big men looking at tickets. " okay let's get them out" Julia said still her voiced trembled from excitement. We gave them to the men. "HERE WE GO!"
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