Too Young

Kay is 11 years old. When she finds herself obsessing over the popular British boy band one direction , she tends to think about them every moment of the day in her normal middle school life . But when both her and her absolute DIRECTIONER best friend, Julia , gets backstage ticks to the AZ concert
There lives may change.
Will 5 18-20 year old boys fall in deep love with 11 year old middle school girls?!


13. Morning Wake-up (JuliaPOV)

julias POV************

i opened my eyes and sighed, i swear, the past week was awesome, and now, me and kay are gonna record with the boys! i smiled to myself...does harry like me? or is he  just the biggest flirt in the world that flirts with 12 year old girls? maybe, he doesnt feel anything for me at all. im jealous! I can see in niallers eyes he loves kay. ugh, it to early in the morning to be over thinking. i swinged my legs over the fluffy bed and glanced at the bed next to me. there, was harry, sleeping like a log. and i guessed he was naked. haha that boy...i love him... i looked the other bed on my right, a rustle of blankets & a pillow lay. zayn was proubaly taking a shower or something. i scratched my bedhead and stumped to the other beds, 1st i went to kay and niall's. i didnt wanna wake up niall, so i shook kay

"kay kmon" i said, wow my voice sounded scratchy.

. "whhhhhuuht..what time is it? hey niaall wake up" she said. her eyes widend up and so did nialls.

"uagh..wheres zayn?" the irish boy said.

" i dont know, wake everyone else up." wide awake now. he got up, and went to louies bed.

kay still sat on her bed, looking at her phone. i sat next to her, she swiped her finger on her phone looking through twitter.  I saw louie get up, slump to the bed me nd kay were on, and fall headfirst, i chuckled while his head stuffeed in the pillow muffled "uuuuuuahhhhhg" kay started to giggle to. Harry got up, NAKED. and louie laughedd and grabbed out heads into the pillow he was on,

"dont look kids!" me and kay laughed,

"Are YOU changed yet haz?!?!" kay said through the pillow


lastly was liam, surpiseingly, he was a good morning person! we all sat at the table while Liam texted Zayn

"he says hes at....The..hes at..oh! hes in the lobby" liams heavy accent mumbled

"tell him to get his pretty butt up here, we gotta go soon, Its the girls first recorrrrding!!" louie grinned and said

"what do ya plan to do? we can help ya " harry said

"yeah were gonna need it. " kay said, her eyes twinkled at niall.


those two are so cute :)



Next chapter: Recording with the boys (All POV)


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