Too Young

Kay is 11 years old. When she finds herself obsessing over the popular British boy band one direction , she tends to think about them every moment of the day in her normal middle school life . But when both her and her absolute DIRECTIONER best friend, Julia , gets backstage ticks to the AZ concert
There lives may change.
Will 5 18-20 year old boys fall in deep love with 11 year old middle school girls?!


4. Awwww!

Kay's POV
I heard Louie running towards me with a platter
" hello love! Would you like some! ?"
His sweet British accent said
" I do! " niall said
I grinned
" Ill have one to ! " he gave us some then left over to Harry and jul
You two are so. Cute ."
I heard someone say
I blushed so did Niall.
Behind me was Liam
He's broad hands rubbed my back as he said
Then I noticed.
Me & Niall... I was kinda on top of him ..? Oh god how did even happen?!?!
I quickly threw my legs off and looked at jul
She grinned
When I looked back I saw Niall playing with my phone
" hey! We're did you get that?!" I tried to grab it, but my hand swiftest away
"hehehrhaha! " he laughed as I tried to get it
I jumped and now I was EXCACTLY on top of Niall James Horan.
"GROUP HUG!" Louie yelled
Liam on top of me them Louie on top of Liam , zayn laughing, went on Louie
Next was Harry,
I looked up he looked at jul
" ladies first" he winked
"hahah! " jul said and jumped on zayn
Harry ran and went on top of Harry
I smiled and looked forward
There was Niall lips out smiling
I laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek and groaned
"aggh! You guys are too heeeavvy!" I said
We all laughed and rolled on the floor
I had a feeling thisd be the best night ever.
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