Lucy and Her Doll

"Can I please, please get that doll?"
This isn't just any doll. It's got a wicked mind and all it wants is revenge.


1. Can please get the doll? Please?

A plump, petite woman dressed in a gray jacket and knee length, red pencil skirt held on to a little girl's hand. The little girl was short and had blond hair that was put up in two even pigtails. As the two girls passed by Lillian's Toy Shop, the little girl's eyes caught a medium sized doll. The doll had on a blue, lace dress. It's hair and eyes were coal black. One of its hand, the left, was held up and positioned to be holding up to fingers. The other hand laid by its side. "Mommy, mommy I want that doll" the little girl pleaded. In a sweet voice, the women replied, "Well, let's go see how much it costs ." The two entered the store and felt the welcoming feeling it gave off. All the shelves were lined up with toy trains and stuffed animals. In the back was a red track that held a train silently going in circles. The little girl's mother went up to an employee and asked, "How much is the doll in the window?" The employee looked over the women's shoulder and quickly spotted the doll. "Oh- that one's 12.50." The mother answer quickly, "Okay, we'll take it" hoping her daughter wouldn't trow a fit and embarrass her. The employee seemed taken aback. He asked in a shocked tone, "Are you sure you want the doll?" The mother snapped back a "yes" clearly annoyed. The two purchased the doll and left the quiet toy store.

When they got home, the mother began to cook dinner, leaving the girl alone in the living room. The little girl played with the doll until her mom called her for dinner. The daughter loved her doll and named it Lily. Every night she would bring it to bed with her. One night, she was so exhausted, she didn't even change out of her clothes and left Lily in the living room, on the brown leather couch. That night, she was waken and heard a faint whisper, "Lucy? Lucy? Where are you, little girl?" The little girl became very frightened. It suddenly dawned on her that she had left her doll in the living room. The girl really wanted to get the doll but didn't have enough courage to go out in the dark and get it. 


In, the living room, the doll began to call, "Lucy? Lucy? Where are you little girl?" Soon it gave up and stopped giving her a chance. It waddled its way into the kitchen. Lily soon found a butcher's knife. It grabbed it and waddled it way up to the little girl's room. It pushed open the door. Crrreeeeaaaakkkkk. The doll climbed on to the little girl's bed. The little girl began to scream. Before her mother could get to her, the doll plunged the knife in to her chest. The girl took a sharp breath before staying motionless. Her mother barged in to the room to see her daughter's pale, lifeless body laying in her night gown, slowly turning red. The knife could be clearly seen. By her daughter's side was Lily her doll. The mother screamed and sobbed before calling the police. The police arrived but found no proof to prove she was murdered, There was no finger prints, no suspect or evidence. The police closed the case as a suicide case. The mother walked to Lillian's toy store and returned the doll. She gave it one last look and noticed something different but couldn't place it. She left the store, never to return to it.

A little girl and her mother walked down the street, when the little girl spotted a doll. "Momma! Momma! Please please, can I get the doll!?" The mother turned her attention to her daughter, "Okay, but no more after this, okay?" The daughter shook her head quickly. They walked into the store and quickly bought the doll. Her mother noticed something odd about the doll. The left hand of  the doll had three fingers up.

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