once in a life time

The storys about this one girl is always on the move traving while one day she's on a way home to her mom for wen she driving throw irland and her car brakes down and a boy band helps her and she might fall in love.


1. when it all started

Abbys P.O.V
Ever since I was little I always wanted to go travel the world and take pictures. So wonce I terned 10 I got a really nice camra. It all started the my mom was divorced and my dad was always far wen I ternd 16 she said that she would take me to paris. I have been waiting 6 Years for this and its finally here 5 4 3 2 1 BEEP BEEP I jumped out of bed terned of the alarm and homed in the shower once I got p I got my pance on and boots I got my under shirt on and ran outside to see wat temputer outside ran back and put a baggy tanktop and ran to my moms room she was not in there so I ran to the kichen. She was makeing hashbrowns and cersonts my favorites. She said did u pack were leaving in 1 hour so I ran and go my suit case I at and got my iphone 5 and glasses.
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