Friday Night

20 year old Gabrielle (Gaby) went clubbing with her best friend, Sierra. There she met Zayn. When Zayn invited Gaby over to his table she refused, but that didn't stop Zayn from trying.

- It's my first movella ... so hope you enjoy :)xx


1. Friday Night

It was Friday night and I was out at a night club in Manhattan for my best friend, Sierra's  21st birthday. Sadly I am still only 18 so I just sat around while everyone else around you was getting drunk

" Gaby come dance with me!" Sierra screamed 
"No. You know I don't dance" I joked
"Please I'll love you forever"
"No I'm sure they're plenty of guys that want to dance with you"
"Fine. But one day you'll come out and dance with me" she said walking away
"Don't count on it"
I was standing at the bar alone and noticed a lot of girls staring in the same direction. When I looked over you I saw Zayn, Harry, and Niall from One Direction walking to the VIP section. Probably being the only girl not amused by them I ordered another water. Suddenly I felt a cold hand grab your arm so I turned around and it was Kendall. My ex boyfriend from high school
"Kendall! Oh my god hi!"
"Haha hey"
I threw my arms around his neck and held him in a friendly hug. He was the only boyfriend I had that the relationship didn't end badly. 
"Did you get taller?" I asked 
"Haha yeah probably. But an even better question is what are you doing out alone tonight?"
"Oh I'm not alone. It's Sierra's birthday so I took her out but she's dancing right now. You know me and dancing don't got too well"
"Yeah. I'm a better dancer than you and thats sad" 
"Hey!" I said hitting him playfully. 
"Gaby, I gotta go but I'll call you so we can go to dinner or something this week"
"Yeah sure bye Kendall"
He got up and left and I was alone again, sitting at the bar by myself While I was sitting there bopping my head to the music  a strange man came up to me. He was wearing all black, was buff, and had an Irish accent. 
Him: Hey I'm Preston. I'm security for One Direction. Zayn wanted to invite you to their table. 
You: Um no. Sorry.
Preston: Are you sure? Zayn really had his eyes set on you. 
You: I'm sure he did. Tell him thank you for the offer but no. 
Preston: Ok. 
He turned around and walked away. Well that was weird. After about 10 minutes I got up to look for Sierra but there were way too many people. Some girl pushed me into a guy and ended up spilling his drink all over him.  
"I'm so sorry. A girl pushed me. I'm sorry"
"No babe it's alright. I actually came over to talk to you"
"Why?" I asked
"I invited you to our table but you turned me down"
Then I realized I was talking to Zayn. 



"Yeah and my answers not changing. Thanks but no" I walked away still looking for Sierra. 
"Haha babe wait. Why not?" he grabbed my wrist  before I could go anywhere
"Because I know how guys like you are and what you do"
"What do we do?"
"You go out to clubs inviting girls to your table thinking they'll say yes just because you're famous. Then you hook up with them and never speak again. I'm not going to be a part of your routine" before Zayn could say anything Sierra was standing next to me 
"Hey are you ready to go?" she asked 
"Yeah I'm done here" I walked out of the club with Sierra leaving Zayn standing there with a dumb smirk on his face. 
"Can I at least get your name?"
He asked 
"Gaby!" I shouted as you walked out the club. 

*Zayn's  P.O.V*

Gaby was actually right. I did think I could pick up girls just because I'm famous. I don't know why but there was something about her that I couldn't get over. Whatever she was gone now so I decided to talk back to the table. 
"Zayn what happened with the girl?" Harry asked 
"She said she wasn't going to be a part of my routine or something. I don't fucking know"
"Haha maybe you'll get her next time lad" Niall joked 

*Gaby P.O.V*
"You know you were talking to Zayn Malik from One Direction right?" 
"Yeah I know"
"Haha just making sure" 
Sierra and I stopped for food before we went back to the apartment that we both shared. Sierra was so drunk she threw up on the way home.

"Happy 21st birthday to me!" she screamed sitting down on the side walk 
"Haha no its not your birthday anymore it's 3 am. Now get your ass up so we can go home"
"It's not my birthday anymore. Aw man. Well I'm just gonna go home and talk to the cat about this" 
'We don't have a cat  but if it got her home that's all that mattered.' 
I thought. Eventually I was home, in pajamas, and laying in bed. I laid there for a while thinking how Zayn Malik tried to pick me up.

-the next morning-

I woke up around 12 and went downstairs to eat. A few minutes later I heard Sierra getting up too.  Of course I didn't have a hangover but she did. 
"Last night was amazing but I hate the morning after" Sierra complained 
"I'm sure I'll feel like that the day after my 21st" 
"Haha Chace called me and he invited us to go out with him tonight"
"You haven't even gotten over your hangover and you wanna go out again?" I asked
"Yep. That's the plan. So do you wanna go?"
"And be the third wheel? No thanks" 
"I'll tell him to bring a friend"
"A cute friend then I'll go" I joked 
"Haha okay a cute friend of Chace's will be there"


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