Friday Night

20 year old Gabrielle (Gaby) went clubbing with her best friend, Sierra. There she met Zayn. When Zayn invited Gaby over to his table she refused, but that didn't stop Zayn from trying.

- It's my first movella ... so hope you enjoy :)xx


2. Double Date?

Later that night Sierra and I went out to meet Chace and his cute friend. When we got to the club Sierra was all over Chace. They weren't dating but they mine as well have been. It was really awkward because were just standing there while they were making out.  

"Oh yeah.Gaby this is my friend Ed" Chace introduced us two. 
"Hi nice to meet you" he held out his hand and I shook it 
"Hi" I replied. Ed wasn't exactly the cutest guy but he wasn't ugly. Just not my type. Of course Sierra dragged Chace out to dance so Ed and I were sitting at the table alone. 
"So Ed are you in school?"
"No. I'm a professional photographer"
"Really? Wanna shoot me sometime?" I joked 
"Haha yeah sure. Are you in school?"
"Yeah. I go to an art school"
"Oh cool. What do you do?" he asked
"I paint and draw"
"We should hang out so you could teach me"
"Haha yeah maybe" one of the waiters that worked at the club walked up to the table. 
"Excuse me ma'am. The man over there sent this to you" he pointed to a table a few down from where I was sitting and of course it was Zayn. "He also included this note"
The waiter handed you the note. It said 'Hey babe. Nice to see you again. You look good tonight-Zayn ;)xx'
I giggled to myself because Zayn was still trying to pick me up. The waiter walked away once I said I wasn't going to send anything back. 
"Ex-boyfriend?" Ed asked. 
"No. Just some guy"
Ed's phone rang and he answered it. Whatever was being said was serious because his face went pale. 
"No I'll be there as soon as I can" he said to the person on the phone and then hung up. 
"Gaby I'm sorry. I have to go. My brother got into a car accident and he's in the hospital"
"Go it's fine. I hope he's okay" we exchanged numbers. Ed got up and left. I took out my phone and texted Jake. He was like a brother to me and I've known him since you were 4 'Jake! Come meet me at Tao. My date had to leave and now I'm alone :(' he texted back 'I'm in Brooklyn having dinner with my mom. I'll be there in 40 minutes' Someone walked up to the table while I were texting so I assumed it was Chace.
"Hey babe" Zayn came and sat next to me "alone again?"
"Why are you constantly calling me babe? I do have a name you know"

"You're right. Hey Gaby" Zayn said as he smile at me. 

"Zayn if your still trying to get into my pants it's not gonna happen" I said rolling myr eyes

"I'm not trying to. I just wanna talk to you, get to know you"
"Oh...okay" I felt kind of bad because I were being really rude to Zayn. "Well I'm originally from North Carolina but I moved here when I saw 12 because my parents divorced. Im the youngest of 3. And yeah I went to Stanford for 2 years then realized thats not what I wanted to do. Now I'm back here taking art classes" 
"Well that was fast" he joked
"Haha yeah. So tell me about you"
Zayn and I ended up talking for a really long time. He talked about how he liked to draw sometimes and his obsession with tattoos. I showed him the feather behind my ear and he showed me all of his visible ones. 
"Well your not as bad as I thought you were" I giggled 
"Haha what's that suppose to mean?"
"I thought you were going to be this annoying self centered ego maniac. But you're not"
"I'm gonna take that as a compliment"
"It was haha" Zayn grabbed my hand and stood up. 
"Come dance?"
"No Zayn I don't dance ever. Just in the privacy of my own home"
"Haha me either. Let's both go embarrass ourselves" I stood up and followed Zayn to the dance floor. Both of us made fools of ourselves for 3 or 4 songs then walked over to the bar to sit. 
"I think your a worse dancer than me" I joked 
"Haha well if you must know I thought I was pretty good"
"Tonight was fun" 
"Yeah it was. So when can I see you again?"
"I don't know whenever you call me"
"You know that requires me to have your number?" he asked. I wrote down my number on a napkin and gave it to him. 
"I should probably get going its getting late" I said
"Yeah me too. It was nice actually talking to you babe-I mean Gaby" 
"Haha bye Zayn" I hugged him and walked out of the club completely forgetting about Sierra. Taking out my phone I saw I had 2 unread texts. One from Jake saying 'I can't make it. Traffic is ridiculous. Sorry' I texted back 'Its fine I'm on my way home now' The other text was from Sierra that said 'Staying over at Chace's. See you tomorrow' but I didn't text her back. Walking up  the stairs to my apartment I thought...tonight was amazing. 

-the next morning-

I woke up and checked my phone to see if I has any missed calls or text from Zayn but nothing. All throughout the day I kept checking my phone hoping that he would call but he didn't. I felt really stupid because I thought Zayn and I hit it off last night but I was obviously mistaken.  
Vibrating loudly on the table you picked up your phone. An unknown number sent you a message so you decided to read it. 'Hey Gaby. Sorry I didn't text your earlier. Me and the boys have been busy with interviews all morning. I hope it's not too late you ask you to dinner tonight (: xx -Z' When I read the message I smiled and got butterflies in my stomach. It was something I hadn't felt in a while. 


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