The best summer ever

Meredith and Leigh Ann are alone in Leigh Ann's grandmother’s house for 2 months while she’s gone on a cruise.
Who knows what could happen or who could show up expectantly in North Carolina. Only time will tell.


2. Chapter 1


Niall P.O.V

“Wait so why are we coming to North Carolina when we don’t even have to?”

“Because we didn’t get extra time here when we were on tour and it looked like a nice place to visit” Liam replied from his seat across the aisle of the plane.

“But there’s no adventure here,  no story to tell when we get back.”

“Oh come on you never know an adventure could be just around the corner.”

“We’ll see about that”

“One good thing is that I heard there’s this hot dog place called yum-yums that’s supposed to be really good”

“You know me all too well Liam”

“Meanwhile why don’t you wake up Harry it looks like were about to land”

I looked over to see a sleeping Harry on my shoulder. Boy would the fans get a kick out of this. And I could’ve sworn he was wide awake five minutes ago.

I nudged him off my shoulder and shook him awake.

“Haz were here”

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