Loved and Confused

18 year old Hannah just graduated high school! She wins a sweepstake to meet her favorite boyband, One Direction! Lucky for her she was already planning on moving there. After her dad died, her mother became addicted to drugs and very abusive. When the plan to meet them gets cancelled, she loses faith on ever meeting them! When one day she runs into....WHAT?!....Did she run into Niall Horan? Read on to find out!!! :)


1. The News

Hannah opened her laptop to check her email before she left for her last day of school. She was flying through, deleting everything when she noticed somthing interesting. "Congratulations! You have wo...."   The rest was cut off. She opened it, read it quickly, and squealed. She won the contest to meet the one and only, One Direction!! Now she knew for sure this would be a good day. She waswearing her favorite outfit,(baby blue top, white skinnys jeans, baby blue and white striped Toms), she just won the trip of her lifrtime, and her mom hadn't even woken up yet! Speak of th devil, she heard her mom's door slam hard into the wall as she punded down the hall. "HANNAH!! I AM OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP! I HAVE HAD LONG NIGHT! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" she screamed. "Mom, i'm sorry, i'm just really excited because.." i started, but was cut off with a *slap*. my head violently jerked. "DID I ASK?!" "no ma'am." i wimpered. after she went back to bed,i quickly covered the mark with foundation, grabbed my bag, and ran down to the bus stop. I pulled out my phone and texted my best friend, Madi. TEXT: "Hey guurl, can you bring some extra foundtion to school? I ran out. xx"  TEXT: "Of course, let me guess, your mom woke up again this morning?  xx"  TEXT: "yeah..xx" Today could still work out, just maybe, at least that's what i thought until I got on the bus.






UPDATE: Hey guys! sorry for any mistakes!this is my first fan fic! hope you like it! ill try to update it as soon as possible!! :) xx

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