to the moon and back

leaving. That's all that was on my mind. I wanted to get out of this. I NEEDED to get out of this. I can't take anymore abusing from my dad. I was about to give up on life, but then, I met my idols. The five people who make me feel beautiful and wanted. They changed my life for the better.


1. the escape plan.

"ELIZABETH ANNE HART!! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!!" my dad screemed. Two words where running through my head. Help, and crap! it was around five o'clock in the afternoon, when my dad comes home from a gas station. nice one dad. Everyday, at the same time, my dad comes home and hurts me. Ever since my mother left us when I was 10 years of age, my dad has been abusing me. why? I have no idea! He gets drunk, to hide the pain from my moms passing. but why does he take it out on me?! i never did anything wrong!! im seventeen, i am old enough to run away legally, but im afraid that he will find me. I've decided that i've had enough. "coming dad!" i yelled back from my room. i ran down the stairs scared of whats about to happen. as soon as i walked down the last step, BAM! my dad slaps me right across the cheek, leaving a bright red handprint. "ELIZABETH!! YOU DID NOT CLEAN THE KITCHEN LIKE I TOLD YOU TO!!" my dad proclaimed. "im sorry dad, i'll get right to it." i said. "you better, you worthless piece of trash!" my dad yelled before running up the stair to his room. this is it. my chance to escape! i have this all planned out. First, i grab my dads credit card, that he ever so stupidly left in the counter. second, i grad my duffle bag with some clothes and tioletries in. third, GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!! I ran out the front door ready to be free, just to cut my foot oped with a broken beer bottle my dad left outside our door. i winced at the sight of my blood beginning to pour out of my foot. i thought 'how am i gonna walk with this?!' i knew that i had to though. so i slowly pulled it out of my now blood covered foot, and began to run. i ran as much as i could, leaving a trail of blood on the sidewalk. I turned the corner onto 31st street, just to be knocked down to the ground. "oh my gosh!! im so sorry!" i heard a familiar british accent say. "are you alright?!" the person said again. "of course shes not alright she hasnt even gotten up yet!" i heard an irish accent say. "its fine. im okay." i said to the boys, without looking up, but instead looking at my foot. "HOLY CRAP!! YOUR FOOT IT GUSHING BLOOD!!" the british boy said again. I finally looked up, just to see 2 of my 5 idols. there they were before me, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. I was about to go all fangirl on them, but I was cut off by Niall picking me up and taking me to their car. "dont worry, we will get this all fixed up." he said. "yeah, dont worry. we will take good care of you..." liam sayed. "elizabeth" i said. "what a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl" liam said. I was about to reply, when my vision started to go blurry. last thing i heard was niall telling liam to hurry to the hospital. then, i blacked out. i woke up thinking that my dad just knocked me out again. but i soon realized that i was in a hospital. 'what the heck?!' i thought to myself. just then, "oh good elizabeth your awake!!! i was so worried about you when you passed out! i didnt know what to do!!!" i looked over to see Liam Payne standing beside my hospital bed, rambling. then, i started to remember. me escaping, cutting my foot, meeting niall and liam, and blacking out. just then, four other very, VERY attractive boys came in. i soon realized that that was the rest of one direction. "hi." i said to them. really liz?! HI! your with one direction, and all you say to them it hi?! smooth liz, reeeaaal smooth! "hi!!" they all chorused back. "how do you feel?" niall asked. "like crap." i replied. "thats to be expected, you cut the whole bottom of your foot" louis exclaimed. "oh" i said real blankly. "soooo, not to be rude or anything, BUT WHY ARE YALL HERE?!" i said, raising my voice at the last part. "well, we got a call from liam, and he told us the story. and he fell completely in love with you, and wanted to stay with you, and then marry you, and have kids, an live happily ever after." harry said with a smirk on his face. liam elbowed him in the stomache, hard. "thats not true. i just thought that you were incredibly beautiful, and i wanted to see you again." liam revived himself from harrys cheeky comment. "oh. well thank you!" i blushed. then i noticed my foot get an terribly sharp pain, and red stuff seeping through the bandage. the red spot was getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. "um guys..." they all turned to you. the all gasped in unison once they realized what was happening. you were about to say something when...........





CLIFFHANGER!! HAHAHA!! this is my first story, ever, and please dont be afraid to tell me if it sucked. infact, that is appreciated!! so please leave your comment on what you think!!

stay beautiful,


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