to the moon and back

leaving. That's all that was on my mind. I wanted to get out of this. I NEEDED to get out of this. I can't take anymore abusing from my dad. I was about to give up on life, but then, I met my idols. The five people who make me feel beautiful and wanted. They changed my life for the better.


2. going home.

I was about to say something when all of a sudden, i blacked out.


Liams POV

elzabeth opened her mouth to say something when she passed out. "HELP!! I NEED A NURSE IN HERE NOW!" i yelled down the hall in a frantic matter. nurses rushed in to try and stop the bleeding, and after a couple of minutes, they finally did. "why did it start bleeding Doctor. Humenuik?" Zayn asked. the doctor replied, "we found a blood clot in her calf which was not letting the blood to flow back once it reached the foot. the amount of blood was too much for the glue and stitches to handle." the doctor replied. "she lost alot of blood, and we need to find a blood doner with the same type of blood. we are working as fast as we can to find one." the doctor informed us. I couldnt help but feel sad. I know i just met her, but i feel like i have known her my whole life! the way that her hair flows in perfect curls down to the small of her back. the way that her eyes glimmer in the light. and her smile! oh, her smile can just light up a whole room!! there is nothing more that i want than to call her mine!


Louis' POV

She's beautiful! i cant help but feel attracted to her!! I need to find a way to get her to like me. maybe shes a fan!! thats how ill get her!!!


Liams POV

i was so worried!!! i cant just sit there and watch her unconscious body on the hospital bed. then it came to me!! i ran out to find the doctor, but i couldnt find him. i finally found the employee break room. oh yeah, your working really hard, i thought. "doctor!" i yelled. "what do you want son?" the doctor asked setting down his sandwich. "could you check me and my bandmates to see if we have the same blood type as elizabeth? and if one of us does, could we maybe donate it?" i asked. "sure. and judging by the way the boy in stripes looked at her, he may want to do this to 'win' her over." doctor Humenuik said with a smirk on his face. i couldnt help but feel a mixture of emotions. jealousy, anger, confusion, and happiness for lou considering he just went through a bad break up with Elenour. the woman completely broke his heart!! he cried for two weeks straight! maybe he does like her? maybe i should let him have her. no! i cant let her slip through my hands like that. shes to beautiful. ill think abt it later. i walked back to the room awaiting with the boys for the doctor to come in.


Nialls POV

the doctor walked in with a tray of needles and bandages. im so confused. "okay boys." the doctor started. "we are gonna check all yalls blood types to see if any of yall have the same as elizabeth so yall can maybe donate some to her. it would be quicker than to find a doner and wait for them to get here. the sooner we get blood, the sooner she wakes up." he exclaimed, looking at elizabeth with a face of simpathy. five minutes late the doctor walked back in. "okay, we have good news! it looks like harry has type B blood just like Mrs. Hart here. so harry, if u are comfortable with it, would u like to donate some blood?" the doctor asked. "of course!" harry agreed. about an hour later, the nurse came in with food for the now awake elizabeth. "thank you!" elizabeth said happily as she dug into her food. i reached to take a fry, when my hand got slapped away. "hey!! what was that for?" i asked. "no one takes my food." liz said. "when do i get to go home?" liz asked. "um...i think now." zayn said. "yay!!!" liz said while jumping out of bed to go get dressed out of the hospital gown. once she came out, she had a look of worry on her face. "whats wrong?" harry asked. "well... erm... i dont really have a place to stay..." liz said uncomfortably. "Nonsence!!! you may stay with us!!!" lou said in his terrible british accent. "really?!" liz said shocked. "of course you can! we wouldnt mind right boys?" i said looking at the boys. "of course not liz! stay as long as you like!! we have plenty of room." liam said. "oh im sure!! being worldwide famous and all yalls house is probably hee-uge!" liz said ina very wierd way. "wait! so you know who we are?" harry asked. "of course i do! i am a huge fan, its taking everything in me not to screem." liz said blushing. "YES!!!!" lou screemed. we all looked at him weirdly. "what the heck?!" liam asked lou. "oh nothing." lou said suspiciously.


Lous POV

Yes!! shes a fan!! my plan will work out perfectly! we were soon on our way home, and when we arrived lizs face was priceless!

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