For The Love Of Clara

You come into my flower shop everyday. You always order roses for your one night stands. I hate your smile, your eyes, your curly hair. Everything. Then why do I always wish I was the one receiving your flowers? Why do I want you to place your hands on me and kiss me? I want you to rip my clothing off and make love to me in the garden. So, Mr. Styles will you buy me a bouquet of roses?


17. Naked For Dolce

Mature Content! ..oh how lovely :)

Harry pulled into the Dolce studio set. He gets out first and comes around to my side, but before he can put his hand on the door handle I locked the door.

"Clara," he started, the he pulled on his keys looking for the unlock button. As soon as he pressed the button I re-locked the door. "This is ridiculous. Clara come on." 

"No," I said through the glass. 

"Sorry can't here you," said Harry. 

I pressed the down window button which worked for some reason, "I said n--Harry!" He reached inside and unlocked the door, opening it in the process. 

"Let's go," he said. 

"Ugh, you are really going to make me do this?" 

"Yup," he wore a smile of triumphant.

"I hate you." 

He just shrugged as we walked to the entrance and he opened the door for me. 

"Harry! Emma!" A woman walked towards us. She was sporting a short black bob and high vintage clothing. It made me want to vomit. 

"Bonjour," I said as I entered my French mode. 

"Bonjour, Emma," she said. That's right my French name is Emma...ugh this whole thing was ridiculous. 

"Hello Harry," she said to him. "Emma you will go with Ella," Harry 'translated' and I nodded as Ella took my arm and brought me to a chair where stylists went to work. 

I looked to see Harry on the other side of the room as stylists worked with him. I felt like I had sat in that chair forever, and then they pulled me forward and put me into dressing room...without anything to change into. 

"Take. Off. Your. Clothing. And. Put. On. The. Robe.," Ella spoke like I was some deaf person, and I just nodded. She closed the curtain and I exhaled as I slowly stripped. 

Harry's POV

After they finished on my hair I was put into a dressing room where I begun to undress. After I was in nothing, I pulled the robe on me and opened the curtain. 

"Good," said Ben, the photographer. 

"Ben!" Ella called from the other side of the room. "She won't come out!" 

"Ugh," he said as he pinched the nerve in his forehead.

"Let me handle her," I said as I walked past him and to the dressing room. "Emma," I said. 

"Harry?" She said through her fake French accent. 

"Yes, can I come in?" I spoke in French. 

"Yes," she replied. 

I opened the curtain and walked in, closing the fabric behind me. "What's wrong," I whispered. 

"I can't do this," she said, on the verge of tears. 

"Clara, it's either this or they will find out who you really are. Are you ready for your store to be filled with paparazzi? No more personal life? That was the biggest concern I had, was trying to keep my privacy and guess what it never happened." 

"I'm scared, what if they think I'm ugly?"

I placed my hand on her cheek, "You are beautiful." 

With those three words she looked relieved. She needed self-assurance and I provided it. "This is going to be so uncomfortable." She said. 

"I'll make it enjoyable," I smirked down at her. "Promise." 

"Sex on stage, lovely," she said as she opened the curtain and the people clapped as she was taken to the set. 

'Sex on the stage'? I knew she was being sarcastic, but she had no idea that's exactly what it was going to be. 

We were both on the set and the photographer was ready to take pictures at any second. She looked up at me and I smiled, "We can do this," I said in French. 

She nodded as I turned her around and slowly pulled the robe down off her arms. An assistant came and took it, the camera flashes going like crazy. Then I pulled my robe off and handed it to another assistant. I pulled her closer to me so her naked back was against my bare front. 

I placed my hands over her breasts, keeping her somewhat shielded as I lowered my lips onto her neck. She was relaxing in my arms as her eyes closed and she entered another world. 

I could feel the tension in the room as my lips glided over Clara's skin. Camera flashes illuminating the set and I twirled her in my arms pressing her close to me as her nails dug into my chest. My lips drifted over hers, but not yet touching. My hands on her waist, as my fingertips moved  downward. 

It was seriously like having sex on stage, but more intimate.

This was exciting. 


And in all senses I wanted to enter her right then and there, but I kept my composure and continued to move in different positions. Making the camera freak out with every movement. 

Clara was getting so into it and I could soon hear her moan against my lips.

This was getting intense, and everyone else in the room noticed it. 

"That's a wrap," said Ben as the camera stopped flashing. 

Clara and I pulled back as we were given our robes and soon were covered. We smiled at each other as we went in different directions to get dressed. 

If you just asked me what happened, I wouldn't have an answer. 

I will tell you though that, that photo shoot was the best shoot I have ever done.

The only outcome: Clara and I were both turned on, but that didn't bother me. I would fix that little problem as soon as I got a hold of her. 


We both got into my car, and left the studio. We sat in silence for a little bit, just trying to take in what just happened. My smile was still plastered on my lips and I glanced at Clara and saw a small smile over top her lips as well. 

"So," I started. 

"Pull over," she said. 

"Um, okay." I pulled into an empty parking lot behind a grocery store that was no longer existent. "What's wrong?" 

I heard her unbuckle her seat belt and I watched her as she pulled off her jeans then moved over and straddled me. I was so not expecting this. I looked up at her as she kissed my lips then I felt her fingers moving from the collar of my shirt to my jeans. 

She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled me free. I felt the seat incline handle and pulled up and allowed the seat to fall back. With one swift motion her underwear was pushed to one side and her hands spread out over my chest as I guided myself into her. 

She gasped at the new feeling and then she relaxed and she slowly started to move against me. My head fell back against the headrest as she continued to move up and then back downwards. 

"You were killing me," she breathed. "In there."

I sat up a little pulling her close and removing her shirt as I kissed her stomach. "I know exactly how you feel," I said as my eyes closed, this was incredible. "I told you--."

"Shut up," she cut me off, as she pulled on my curls, then she breathed the two words that set me over the edge: "Fuck me."

I did just that, and as she moaned so loudly I thought she was going to scream, I pulled her close to me. Her walls grew so tight around me and I moaned at the sensation, and soon we were both wasted.

She leaned down on my chest and her finger made patterns in the fogged windows. We were both sweating and her hair stuck to my skin.  

"That's the first," I said.

"What?" She looked up at me. 

"That's the first time I ever had sex in my car."

"And?" She smiled up at me as she placed butterfly kisses on my chest. 

"Fucking awesome," I breathed and she giggled. I would have never known that she was a virgin when we made love the first time. She knew exactly what she was doing. 

She was a virgin when we had sex the other night, right? 

My eyes narrowed as she lay her head back on my chest. I thought back to that night, and I don't remember blood. Then again sometimes the blood never occurs. 

Not that I care if she wasn't a virgin, but I believed she was. So therefore I feel like I have to protect her more, knowing that I was her first. That I took her virginity, her innocence. I guess someone got there before me. 

I just wanna know who. 

She was keeping something from me. 

I was going to find out what. 

Ohh, Harry's getting suspicious!! I love this chapter..eek! 

Thanks for reading, commenting, liking, and adding to your favorites! You all are amazing!! 

Much love, Morgan .xx

PS I've gotten requests to do a Justin Bieber fanfic..oh brother. I've posted a blog on my profile explaining more. It would mean the world if you commented on it and told me what you think :)

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