For The Love Of Clara

You come into my flower shop everyday. You always order roses for your one night stands. I hate your smile, your eyes, your curly hair. Everything. Then why do I always wish I was the one receiving your flowers? Why do I want you to place your hands on me and kiss me? I want you to rip my clothing off and make love to me in the garden. So, Mr. Styles will you buy me a bouquet of roses?


2. Morning Routine

"Lola make sure those bouquets are ready! The Brown wedding is this afternoon!" I yelled as I opened the fabric curtain that separated the shop from the working studio. I heard the bell on the door chime so I made my way to the front. "How can--oh, it's you." 

"Good morning to you too."

"Let me guess twelve roses," I said as I pulled out a tablet of paper and pencil and started to write the order down.

"Yes, make sure they are white this time," he said. "I won't be needing red."

I looked up at him. "Lucky girl this time, eh Harry?" 

Yeah you heard me right. Harry. Fucking. Styles. 

"She's good to me," he smirked down at me. 

I scoffed. "You disgust me." 

"I want to make girls feel important." 

"You sleep with them and send them a dozen roses in the morning after you kick them out of your flat." 

"Don't make me sound like such a womanizer."

"That's exactly what you are." 

"You know if you didn't know me from back in school you would probably be falling over me like every other girl." 

"You didn't even talk to girls back in Holmes Chapel." 

"I did so!" 

"You just think you're cool because of your sugar pop boy band," I smiled up at him. 

"I don't know why I talk to you Clara Elyssa, you're just a pain in my ass." 

"Oh, Harry Styles, are you upset?" 

"Whatever. I need a dozen white roses," he said. 

"Fine," I lashed back at him. "Where do you want us to send them?" 

"I'll take them." 

"This must really be a special girl," I said once I finished writing the order and sending it to the back. "That will be fifteen pounds."

He handed me a credit card and I swiped his card then it handed back to him. 

"So where is famous Harry Styles going today?"

"Why do you care?" 

"Well, you know I don't want you to miss your appointment with your drug dealer and prostitute." 

"I hate you."

"Good, because I hate you just as much."

"Here you go Clara," said Lola as she handed me the white rose bouquet. "Hiya Harry."

"Hey Lola," he waved back to her. 

"There," I handed him the bouquet. "Go give these to your stripper."

"Thanks," he took the bouquet. "They're actually for my mum but thanks anyway. I'll tell her that you said she should become a stripper."

"Harry! I didn't say that!" 

"Might as well have. Have a nice day girls," he said to the other girls working in the store. 

I slammed my fists on the counter. 

"Calm down, Clara," said Lola. "He comes in every morning, so you can't keep acting like this." 

I calmed down, "I hate him. I hated him back in school. I tried so hard to stay away from him and what does he do? Come to Chelsea every morning for flowers when I know damn well that there's a flower store in London."

"Maybe he likes coming to Chelsea?" She inquired and I rolled my eyes. 

"We should rename the store to Harry's Flowers," said Annabelle, probably one of the dumbest girls I'll ever speak of. 

"Not helping Annabelle," I said. 

The front door opened and the bell chimed and a woman walked in. "Hello, I'm looking for Clara Elyssa." 

"That's me," I uncrossed my arms, she looked familiar. 

"I'm Eleanor Calder and I was wondering if you could help me. I was told this was the best flower store in England." 

"Let me guess Harry told you that," I said to her. 

"Clara don't be rude," Lola nudged me. 

"She's Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend," I said. 

"You are?" Lola looked from me to her. 

"Guilty as charged." 

I exhaled, "Alright Eleanor what can I do for you?" 

"My parents anniversary is tomorrow and they both have two different favorite flowers. My mum loves daisies and my father loves roses. I need--." 

"Okay first what color roses and would you like the daisies to be white?" 

"Red roses and yes white daises," she said. 

"How many?"

"Um a couple thousand."

I almost choked as everyone else looked at her with wide eyes. 

"Too many?" 

"Are they getting married?" I asked. 

"No, it's just a small get together." 

"Please say bouquets."

"Yes," she smiled. 

"Okay," I said. "We can get them to you tomorrow morning by nine?"

"That sounds great! Thank you Clara!" 

"You're welcome," I said and then after paying for her flowers she left the store. "Alright girls. I need Rebecca, June, and Lola to come with me to set up the flowers for the Brown's wedding. Ariel, Jamie, and Annabelle you stay behind and start on the order for Eleanor." 

They all nodded and then we packed the calla lilies into three cars and made our way to Kensington Gardens. 

This was going to be one hell of a day, and it was only just starting. 

Alrighty this is only the beginning!! The rest of 1D will be in the next chapter!! I hope you enjoy this new story! I will still be writing Meet Me In America but because of high demand I was asked to write a Harry fanfic. So here you go! I actually had this story archived for months but always looked over it. 

PS the cover for this story is a picture my Cover Designers got from Harry's Instagram, so it might look familiar. 

Please comment, like, and favorite this brand new awesome story!! 

Also this entire story has been dedicated to Maddi, you know who you are. I hope you love Clara, because I'm in love with her :)

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