For The Love Of Clara

You come into my flower shop everyday. You always order roses for your one night stands. I hate your smile, your eyes, your curly hair. Everything. Then why do I always wish I was the one receiving your flowers? Why do I want you to place your hands on me and kiss me? I want you to rip my clothing off and make love to me in the garden. So, Mr. Styles will you buy me a bouquet of roses?


19. Madly...

Alright, so some people are like freaking out over Harry getting the short end of the stick--even though it's a Harry Styles Love Story. Please bare with me. I write the story off my notes in my notebook and if you go on my instagram you can see my notebook page for this story. ZAYN is a HUGE part of this story! You will find out why in the sequel, but trust me when I said it was a Harry story, I meant it. This story still has awhile to go until it's over. This is the conflict and it's a very intense story outline. I love jaw-dropping drama so of course Clara is going to go back and forth A LOT! Anyway I'm tired of ranting--enjoy the awaited chapter :)

Zayn's POV

"We are in love with the same girl," I said to Harry. "You left her and I was there to take your place." I saw the anger grow on his face. "You knew that was going to happen, Harry. You always knew. You always knew I was with her. You knew you weren't the first person to sleep with her before you even got the chance."

"I'm going to kill you," he said through his clenched teeth. 

"Fine, kill me," I started. "But someone needed to tell you the truth. You honestly think you could get any girl, don't you?"

He looked away from me. "You don't understand." 

"Understand? You made her life a living hell in school. You know why so many girls end up with assholes? Because people tell them that the boy who bullies her is in love with her." 

"I do love her."

"You're an asshole, Harry! If you love her, why do you keep reliving school all over again? Why are you still the causes of her bruises?" 

"I don't know."

"You don't know or you're such a jerk to not say?"

"Zayn," it was Clara, she was trying to stand up and I went over to her and helped her. Harry's eyes boring into our backs. "Please stop. It's not worth it, let's just go."

"Alright," I said to her. "Harry, you really fucked this up." Then I picked her up in my arms and took her out to my car. I drove away going triple over the speed limit, and then I felt cold fingers on my burning skin. 

"Calm down," she said. Just by her touch, my speed went down to normal. 

"I'm sorry," I started. "He just gets me so pissed off and he never realizes how good he has it." I slammed my fist off the steering wheel. 

One Month Later

"Zayn, I'm home!" I yelled as I entered Zayn's flat. I have returned to work at the flower shop, but I haven't returned to my home. 

Harry doesn't talk to either Zayn or I anymore. Even in interviews, everything is awkward when my alter ego: Emma Bouvier gets asked about. Supposedly I went back to France, end of story. 

Now girls would stop me in the street and ask me if I was Emma, and I would act like Clara. The real Clara. They looked disappointed, but apparently on Twitter I'm one of Emma's lookalikes even though I really am her. I just ignore all the internet drama. Like I always had. 

I didn't hear a reply from Zayn so he obviously wasn't home yet. I took off my coat, March was still cold and it was beginning to snow flurry outside. 

I pulled my scarf from my neck and dropped it over a hook, something didn't feel right. My stomach was upset like I ate something that just didn't suit well. 


I ran to the bathroom and ended up spilling out all my food of the day. My knees hit the white and black checkered linoleum floor. Then another spell hit me and I was leaning over the toilet once again. 


I heard my name but I ignored the voice as I kept throwing up. 

"Clara?" Zayn stepped over me and crouched beside me, resting his hand on my back. I lifted my head and he smoothed my hair back from my face. "Babe, what's wrong?" 

"I don't know. I just don't feel right." He was still wearing his jean jacket, and he dropped his car keys onto the floor. I fell back against the wall.

"Whoa," he said as he got closer to me. 

My elbow sits on the edge of the toilet as I try to catch my breath. My eyes were filled with tears, and I looked up at Zayn as he ran his thumb along my cheek. 

"Did you feel like this all day?"

"No," I shook my head. "It just came onto me."

Then it hit me. 

"I need...." I didn't know how to say it. 

"What do you need?" Zayn looked at me with concern. 

"I need a pregnancy test." 

Now it was Zayn's turn to fall back against the opposite wall from me. "Whoa," he repeated. "How can you tell?"

"I didn't get my period last month," I started. "I thought it was just because of all the drama--I was stressed." 

"You sure you're not just still stressed? We can go get a massage or something?" 

"Zayn, throwing up?"

"Isn't it called morning sickness?"

"They call it that, but it can happen any time of the day. Zayn I know you're new to all this--I am too, but I need you to do this for me. We can go together?" 

He looked up at me. "We are going to need disguises." 


Within moments we were in Zayn's car with heavy coats and sunglasses. We looked like we were going out to rob a bank, but he pulled into a pharmacy and we walked in together. 

We went to the pregnancy aisle and then we just stared. We had no idea what we were looking for. 

"What should we get?" Zayn asked. 

I looked over my sunglasses, up at him, "I don't know. Just get them all."


"You want to be sure don't you?" 

He looked at me once more, than brought the red basket closer to all the different colored boxes and we started to drop each kind into the basket. We walked to the counter and the girl looked shocked at all the pregnancy tests.

"Expecting?" She asked. 

"Confirming," I said. 

"Ah, well good luck," she said then Zayn paid for the various tests and then we walked out into the cold air and into his car. 

We made out way quickly back to Zayn's flat, carrying the multiple tests into the house. We dropped the bags on the bathroom floor.

Good luck? The cashier's voice echoed through my head. If only she knew we were still teenagers. I wasn't ready for child. What will my mother say? What about the paparazzi? What about H--.

"What about Harry?" I spoke my thoughts. 

"What?" Zayn looked at me. 

"I was with Harry only a couple days after you. What if I'm pregnant with his--?"

"Shh," he said. "Whatever happens, I'm still madly in love with you."

He kissed my lips gently, then whispered: "Now go and see if we are going to have ourselves a baby." 

Ohhh gosh are we going to have a Baby Directioner?! Who's baby is it going to be?! It's like I've stepped on the set of Mamma Mia...

Anyway, thanks for reading!! Please comment, like, and favorite! This story has so much success because of my amazing fans! I love you all and to all my American fans I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!..I know I'm a couple days late :)

Much love, Morgan .xx

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