For The Love Of Clara

You come into my flower shop everyday. You always order roses for your one night stands. I hate your smile, your eyes, your curly hair. Everything. Then why do I always wish I was the one receiving your flowers? Why do I want you to place your hands on me and kiss me? I want you to rip my clothing off and make love to me in the garden. So, Mr. Styles will you buy me a bouquet of roses?


14. Irresistible

Harry's POV

I pulled into the radio station where I would meet the boys and Clara. I didn't know what got into me yesterday and I felt horrible. I've hurt that girl so many times and yet she somehow would always take me back. I didn't think it would be one of those moments. 

Security helped me get through the crowd of girls. My black sunglasses covering my eyes as I bared my tattoos on my arms. I was escorted to a floor where I met the other's. 

"Hey man," said Louis. "Do you know where Zayn is?" 

"We keep calling him, but he won't pick up." Liam said. 

"Did you ask security?" I asked them. 

"Of course, and they don't even know where he is," Liam fell down in his chair. 

"It's alright, we'll find him. How long do we have till the interview?" 

"Thirty minutes," said Niall.

"Perfect," I said. "Let's go." 

Zayn's POV

"Shh," I said to Clara. 

We arrived at the radio station before anyone else and found ourselves tangled together in a deserted closet. 

We couldn't stop laughing as we tried to be quiet as possible. It was completely dark and she pulled me to her as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. She was against the wall and we connected through our lips. Her fingers made their way up and under my shirt, digging into my skin. 

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled at her dress as I entered her. I lifted her in my arms and she moaned against my lips as I pushed harder inside of her. I kissed her neck as we were both in worlds of sensational pleasure. 

As we finished, she kissed my lips once more, "I needed that," she said. 

I couldn't disagree. She was becoming my drug and I knew I could spend hours inside of her and end up wanting more. 

"I hope the boys--."

"Shh," she said. 

"Zayn!" It was an Irish accent. 

"Fuck," we said together. 

"I guess they're here," I said. 

"Get dressed and go out. I'll wait a couple minutes," she whispered. 

I tried to step in my jeans and was caught off balanced as I missed a leg hole and ended up falling to the floor. 

Clara covered her mouth trying to hide her laughter. 

"Zayn?" Niall repeated. Shit he was right outside. I quickly got up and pulled my jeans up the rest of the way just as Niall opened the door, leaving a  blanket of light into the room. "Zayn?" 

"Hey, Niall," I said. 

Niall's POV

"Um, what's going on?" I looked at Zayn's half-naked self. 

"Um," he started. 

"Hi, Niall," said Clara.

"Clara?" My eyes widened. "I don't understand. What about Harry?" 

"Zayn?" It was Harry. 

"Shit," said Zayn as he pulled his shirt over his head. "Niall I'll explain later."

"We'll explain," said Clara. 

He tried to make his way into the hallway. "Zayn?"

"Yea, Niall?" 

"Your trousers."

He looked down and saw his unbuttoned jeans. "Thanks, mate." He put his hand on my shoulder than went out into the hallway while buttoning his pants.

"Clara," I said and looked up at her. "Get dressed, I'll cover for you." 

"Thanks Niall." 

I closed the door and went out into hallway and back to the interview room. 

"Sorry bathroom break," I said as I sat down and put my headphones over my ears. 

"Now that everyone's here," said Nick Grimshaw our wonderful interviewer. "Everyone! Welcome the one and only One Direction!"

"Yea!" We all screamed into the microphone together. 

"Now, Harry my good sir, it's been going around that you have a certain girl," said Nick.

"Yea, here she comes actually," he said and sure enough Clara walked into the room and smiled at everyone. 

"Bonjour," she spoke in her fake French accent. Then went to Harry and kissed his lips, before she sat next to him and pulled her headphones on. 

"Bonjour," said Nick.

She smiled. 

As the interview continued I watched as Zayn and Clara shared glances and smiles. Something that Harry didn't notice and I hope he never would. 

Damn, I hope he never found out. 

That was close! I hope you enjoyed! I sure did :) 

Thanks for reading and liking!! You all are the best! 

Much love, Morgan .xx

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