For The Love Of Clara

You come into my flower shop everyday. You always order roses for your one night stands. I hate your smile, your eyes, your curly hair. Everything. Then why do I always wish I was the one receiving your flowers? Why do I want you to place your hands on me and kiss me? I want you to rip my clothing off and make love to me in the garden. So, Mr. Styles will you buy me a bouquet of roses?


27. For The Love Of Clara

Okay guys literally I told you the story wasn't over! Please stop commenting saying it was a bad ending, you didn't read the rest. Here's the chapter that answers all your questions :) 

The Epilogue will be uploaded later :)

Zayn's POV

Harry was sitting on the floor against the wall as I sat on the couch. We were waiting for a nurse to come so we could take our blood tests that would determine in hours who was the father of Leesi. 

"Mr. Zayn Malik, and Mr. Harry Styles," we both looked up at the nurse. Harry took a deep breath and stood up shaking his hair to one side, holding it back with his fingers. I placed my hand on his shoulder and together we followed the nurse to a room.

We were told to sit down and alcohol was soon placed over the inside of our elbows as a needle stuck into us. I watched the blood through the cord and into a bottle. Harry was done first and looked back at me as he went back to the waiting room. 

I was left to my thoughts and I knew what I had to do. Harry and Clara, and I took her away from him. Ugh, I'm such a bastard. I know I was only trying to protect her, but I feared something more happened while they were in school. I knew I was right. Clara and Harry didn't hate each was just an act. 

They were love. 

"Alright, there you go Zayn," said the doctor. 

"Doctor," I said.

"Yes?" She looked back at me. 

"Whatever the results are, Leesi has to be Harry's," I said. 

"What?" Her eyes narrowed. 

"I need you too lie to him. If Leesi is mine, lie to him and tell him she is his." 

"Why are you doing this Zayn?" 

I took a deep breath, "I have taken too much from Harry already. I know he always gets the girl, but this time he's always had the girl. He's always had Clara. He deserves to know that he is the father of Leesi." 

"Zayn you do know that you were the first to have sexual contact with Clara. There a very strong chance the father is you." 

"I know," I shook my head. "Please, today has been a roller coaster. I loose the girl I love, my best friend is on the verge of suicide and now Leesi. Please, for the love of Clara, I beg you." 

"Alright Zayn," she started, before going back to her paperwork. "I will continue to do the tests but Leesi Elyssa is Harry's."

"Thank you," I said and as a sticky bandage was placed over the small hole in my elbow I felt like bricks had fallen off my chest. Harry needs a part of Clara that he knows belongs to him. If that meant telling him that my possible child is his, so be it. 

I went out to the waiting room and sat on the couch opposite of Harry. Liam went home an hour ago and Niall and Caspar along with Lola and Gemma were still meeting with the co-workers or whatever. Signing papers for Leesi to go in Niall's care. 

Again I didn't care. Clara was smart when she gave Leesi to him and Lola. Harry and I even though we love Leesi we couldn't take care of a child. In Harry's care, the poor child would be hounded by paparazzi and in my care...I wouldn't know what to do without Clara by my side. I would be too scared of doing something wrong. I couldn't give myself that chance. 

"Zayn, Harry, I have to show you both someone," said Niall with his arm around Lola. We both looked at him and after a couple of seconds we rose from our seats and followed Niall. He took us to a window. "Right there," he pointed. "That's Leesi." 

I smiled at the baby. For being a newborn, her small head was covered in dark hair. Whether it be straight or curly, Harry nor I would ever truly know. 

"You both can see Leesi whenever you want," he said. "I'll always defend the people I love and I made sure you both got equal visiting rights. You'll just have to take a plane to see here."

"Niall...," Harry started. 

"Boys, we're moving to California," said Lola. 

"That's it," I chuckled. "I'm really going to kill you." 

"What about One Direction?" Harry asked. 

"I'll still be in the band. I could never loose you misfits, but we will all have to settle down sooner or later."

"Pssh," said Harry. 

Even though I hated to admit it, Niall was right. I was in my twenties, it's already been a year with our second album, and working on our third. Sooner or later, I'll want to do the same thing, but I'll probably go back to Bradford. 

"Zayn, Harry," said the doctor from earlier. "The results are back." 


We sat in her office. It was quiet. I could hear my heart beating, I could hear Harry's heart beating. 

"The father of Leesi Clara Elyssa is," Oh she was making this go on forever. Just say--. "Harry Styles." 

I looked over to see Harry's head land in his palms. I placed my hand on his shoulder and instantly heard him start to sob. He looked up at me and a big smile appeared on his face. This is what I do for my friends. I could never see them get hurt, and seeing the smile on his lips I knew he would be a great father. 

The media treats Harry too roughly. He doesn't go out a sleep with any girl he can get his hands on. He's a real nice guy and when you really get to know him you can call him your best friend, your brother. 

I--no we will always miss Clara. She was special, and no one could ever replace her blonde hair, and her perfect lips. She died when she was too young, but I guess only the good die young. Right? 

I know, wherever she's at, she's smiling with her eyes glistening as she watches Leesi grow into the most gorgeous girl the world would ever see.

Now Leesi, she will be something one day. She'll break rules, crush boys' hearts, and kiss countless times. Again, that's a different story. The next generation, and I'll be sorry because I won't be there to experience it all. 

As Harry get's up from his chair and walks out Niall and Lola. He embraces them both, and soon Caspar and Gemma join them. 

"Is this what you want?" The doctor asked still at her desk. 

I turned in my seat and looked back at her, "Yes. He's happy. Happiest I've seen him in a long time." 

"Well Zayn Malik, my prediction wasn't wrong," she smiled. 

"What?" My eyes narrowed. 

"According to the DNA results you are the biological father to Leesi. Clara was one week pregnant when she had sexual contact with Harry." 

"You mean," I started. 

"Yes," she said. "You are the father." 

I turned back around to see Harry with the biggest smile on his face.

He doesn't need to know. He will have Leesi, while I will only have her mentally. 

This whole journey will stay in my memory. Never leaving, but replaying whenever I felt alone. Clara will be there. Whenever I would cry. Clara would there. She was always there. 

She will always be there. 


In my memories.

The End.

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