Lost on Earth

This story is a short story that goes by pages. Hope you like it.


2. sleep (page 2)

I take my first steps in Earth as a retiree. The salt from the ocean invades my nose like a charging army.

"What a great smell! Oh, how much I missed this exotic smell," I said to myself.

This particular part of the island is more exotic and jungle-like. I am not used to this type of land. I dig through my bag and find my machete, so I can cut through the thick vines in front of me. I looked through my bag and found a hole, my transmission fell out.

"How will I contact the ship," I thought.

Just as that thought processed I heard the horn of the ship go off, signaling departure. I took off  sprinting down toward the ship, I tripped and fell into a pit, stopping me from reaching the ship.

I feel my head and scream in pain. There's a huge gash in my head and have trouble seeing straight. I look upon the ditch, estamated how tall it is. It's about 15 feet tall, I can't climb that! I atempt to you my machete to climb out, it doesn't work. I shuffle inside my bag, in search of looking for something that can help with the pain in my head. In vean I find nothing to help. I am freezing, I have no matches or wood, only dirt, a whole lot of dirt. I quickly find my vision blacking out, I quickly drift into a deep sleep.

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