Lost on Earth

This story is a short story that goes by pages. Hope you like it.


1. Land Ho! (page 1)

The morning air is sweet and fresh. The sunlight is peering though my window as I take my first steps of the morning . I walk up to the deck to see the crew hard at work. The captain is reviewing the ship and he see's me in the corner of his eye. This is the first time I have been on a ship and haven't been in charge. I live on Meter Meadows, a civilzation that floats above Earth. Earth is an unknown planet to us Meteorians. We go down every year to explore more and more of it. Prios to this, I have been a captain for twelve years. I took many adventures and enjoy my time as the captain of my ship but, the time came to give up the thing I loved doing, to settle down with my family. So I took the hard decision to retire. The last of the supplies are put aboard the ship. The ship is finally ready to depart. The ship descends into the mist below. This is my final voyage down to Earth.

"I can't see," a crew members yells.

"Keep her steady!" I yell with the captain, "Oops, sorry, Captain." I died a little inside saying that. It's hard not being the captain which I am accustomed to.

"That's all right my boy, just don't do it again," said the captain sternly.

The mist is so thick I can hardly see. The crew members work hard to break through the foggy wall, and after ten minutes we succeed. Earth is gorgeous! It is lush with forests and mountainous lands, surrounded by bright blue oceans that are as clear as crystals.

We land on the water and salt water springs to my mouth. We approach the landing dock and attach the ship there. All the crew members are preparing to descend down. I take my sweet, old time getting dressed, but by the time I am done, the captain and the crew are gone! "Some captain," I thought. He didn't even wait till his whole crew was present. So without company, I descended down to the Earth below, all by myself.

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