Two Against One

Anna becomes friends with One Direction at a photo shoot. But what happens when both Harry and Louis fall for her? Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together? When one of them makes a huge mistake who will take the fall? Anna, Harry, or Louis?


6. The Fair

-Anna's POV-

I woke up and went into the living room. The boys weren't here. I saw a note. It told me to text Harry when I woke up. I texted him and he said that they wanted to go to the fair like we had said yesterday and that they would pick me up at 11:30. I went to get ready. I took a shower and blew dry my hair. I wanded it and then put on a pair of jean shorts and a flowy shirt that had a mustache on it. I then put on my grey toms. I grabbed my phone, wallet, and keys. I heard a honk from outside. Right on time, I thought.
I ran outside and there were all the boys in a big orange van.
"Nice car." I said laughing.

"Thanks!" Said Louis, who was driving. "It's so we don't get noticed by fans."

"I don't think this car will help that." I said. They all laughed. I sat in the middle of Harry and Niall in the backseat.

"Hey guys!" I said.

"Hi!" Harry replied. Niall was stuffing his face with what looked to be like what was left of a huge turkey sandwich.
"Are you excited for a day full of huge and escary roller coasters?" I asked.

Harry turned pale. "Umm..yeah..." He said.

"Harry what's the matter?" I asked.

"He's scared of heights!!" Louis yelled from the drivers seat.

"I am not!!" Harry yelled back.

"Oh yeah? Last time you went on a roller coaster you threw up and almost peed yourself.!!" Louis said.

"Well maybe I'm a little scared." Said Harry in a small voice.

"Don't worry Hazza. I'll go on the big ones with you!!" I said cheerfully.

"You have to go on some with me too!!" Niall yelled.

"And me!!" "And me!" And me!" "And me!" The rest of the boys yelled.

"Alright I'll go on a roller coaster with all of you!" I laughed. "How much longer?" I yelled at Louis.

"About 30 minutes." He replied

Harry said, "lets play quickfire Anna!"

"Ok how do you play?" I said.

"I ask you a bunch of questions and you get to answer them!" He smiled.

"Ok shoot!" I said.

" Favorite color?"
"Favorite animal?"
"Me too!" Ok, favorite city?"
"Middle name?"
"October 13th"
"That's in a month! Alright, last question. Do you have a boyfriend?"
"No I don't."

Harry smiled. "Ok I'm done!"

"What was that all about?" I asked

"I just wanted to get to know you better." He replied cheekily.

"Ok..." I said suspiciously. Something is going on. I'm just not sure what.

-Louis POV-

Ok so this is going to go great! She said she would go on a roller coaster with all of us, so when it's my turn, I'll do it. I'm going to ask her on a date. I hope she says yes because I already have everything set up.

-Harry's POV-

When we played quickfire she told me that she doesn't have a girlfriend!! Yes!! I had to stop myself from doing a victory dance. I'm going to ask her out later today. Once we get an alone moment. It's going to go perfectly. And then once we are on our date I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend. I really hope she says yes.

-Anna's POV-

Once we got to the fair I ran out of the car and straight toward the the gate.

"Wait Anna! We have to get our tickets first!" Liam called.

I ran back to the boys. "Oh right! Haha I forgot!" I said. I pulled out my wallet and got some money.
"I got this,love." Said Louis.

"No, no. I can pay for myself." I said.

"Come on, just let me pay." He said with a pout.

"Ok fine. But only this once!" I said with a smile. We all got wrist bands which let us go through the lines faster and let us get on all the rides without paying.

"Which ride first?" I asked. "The mind blower?" Harry and Zayn looked a little scared but I said "it's ok guys! I'll go on it with you!"

Harry relaxed a little but I could see that Zayn was still scared.

"Zaynie it will be ok! Don't worry! It won't mess up your hair THAT much!" I said cheerfully. The boys roared with laughter. Zayn caught me in a headlock and gave me a noogie. Once I broke free I ran towards the ride. "Come on guys let move!" I yelled. They followed me and we went through the line since we had our wristbands. Me and Harry and Zayn sat in the front and Liam, Niall, and Louis sat behind us. The count down began...3,2,1 Go! The ride took of so fast and it was complete with loops and turns and drops. It was awesome!! Harry and Zayn screamed like girls the entire time while I laughed. When the ride was over I went to look at the picture. It was the funniest thing in the world!! I bought it so I could have the memory forever. The next ride we went on was a water ride. Louis asked me to go on it with him so I did. We got in the ride but then they announced that the ride had some technical difficulties so we had to wait for a little while. Louis turned to me.

"Anna, can I ask you something?" He said.

"Sure Louis you can ask me anything."
I replied.

"Well I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tonight?" He asked.

Louis Tomlinson just asked me out. Ok what do I say? I opened my mouth to reply but just then the ride started. I guess I'll tell him after.

-Louis POV-

I did it I asked her. But before she could reply the ride started. I wonder what she'll say? I hope it's a yes....

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