Two Against One

Anna becomes friends with One Direction at a photo shoot. But what happens when both Harry and Louis fall for her? Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together? When one of them makes a huge mistake who will take the fall? Anna, Harry, or Louis?


5. Short chapter

-The Next Day-

-Harry's POV-

I woke up ready to make this day perfect. But first I had to go back to the hotel and get ready. I woke up the boys.
"Boys, I'm going back to the hotel. Are you guys coming or staying?" They all decided to come. I left a note for Anna.

We went back to the hotel to freshen up. Text Harry when you wake up. 123-456-7890 Xx -the boys.

We called Paul to come pick us up. When we got back to the hotel we all ran go get ready. I just had to make this day go perfectly. First we were all going to go to the fair and then I was going to get Anna alone and ask her to go on a date with me. I really hope she will say yes.

-Louis POV-

We went back to the hotel to clean up. I had made all the plans last night for our date. I'll just ask her out at the fair. Haha I'm going to get her before Harry does. I mean she'll say yes wont she....?

-Authors Note-

Hey guys!! I hope you like the story so far!! I'm not sure if I should continue it though...tell me what you think!! And share this story with people if you can!!! Love y'all!! Xx
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