Two Against One

Anna becomes friends with One Direction at a photo shoot. But what happens when both Harry and Louis fall for her? Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together? When one of them makes a huge mistake who will take the fall? Anna, Harry, or Louis?


2. Just a normal day..

My alarm clock went off like it usually does at 7 am to the tune of Red by Taylor Swift. I rolled over. Ugh, another day at this freakishly early hour. As you can probably tell I am NOT a morning person at all. I checked my phone. A message from Kendall, my best friend and my boss, Mr. Aberthton, saying that there's going to be a big photo shoot with One Direction. Oh great. They are so annoying. They are everywhere. In every magazine, on every TV show, and they play their songs on the radio WAY to much. Now I have to take a million pictures of them? What a fun day I am going to have. I got up and got into the shower. When I got out I blew dry my hair and straightened it and put on a pair of turquoise skinny jeans and a white blouse and slipped on a pair of grey toms. I did my makeup which consisted of mascara, eyeliner, and a little lipgloss. I grabbed my phone and keys and a protein bar to eat on the way to work. I usually walk to work. I have a car but I think walking is more fun. So as I walked, I thought about One Direction and how I was dreading the day I was about to have with them. I walked into the store and Mr. Aberthton was there to greet me.
"Get in the back now and start setting up for the shoot!"

"I'm going, I'm going. Don't get your panties in a wad." I mumbled. I walked into the back and started setting up the lights and the backdrops and the different cameras. Now all I have to do is wait for One Direction to show up. I sat on a stool and got on twitter. Not much was going on so I logged off. I heard the front door open and footsteps coming torward me. I looked up to see I've boys staring at me.

"You're One Direction, I'm assuming." I said

"I'm Zayn"
"I'm Louis"
"I'm Niall"
"I'm Liam"
"And I'm Harry" They all introduced themselves.

"I'm Anna." I said. "Let's get this over with"

"You don't like us?" The blonde haired one said with a sad face.

"It's not that I don't like you guys. It's just that you're kind of over marketed. I mean you're everywhere. Everywhere I look there's something else advertising you guys." I explained.

"I guess I we can see where you're coming from." The brown haired, brown eyed one said, I think his name is Liam?? "It's not our fault though. It's managements. I promise you would like us if you got to know us."

"Maybe." I said. "But right now we have to get to the photos."

"Right! Lets do this poo!" The curly one shouted. "Let's go let's go let's go!!!

~3 hours later~

"I'm sorry." I said panting from laughter. "But that was the funniest photo shoot i have ever done!! You guys are hysterical!!"

"Aww I knew you'd love us once you got to know us!!" Said Liam.

"Yeah, I guess" I replied. "I mean you guys are pretty down to earth for being the most wanted boys on earth."

"Yay!!" Louis yelled, running over and giving me a hug. " Let's go to milkshake city to celebrate that Anna likes us!!"

"Yeah!!!" The rest of the boys yelled. They all looked at me.

"Are you coming?" Zayn asked

"Make your decision quick. I'm starving!!" Moaned Niall.

"I guess I could..." I said slowly

"Let's go then!!" Shouted Harry.

So I grabbed my phone and keys and we all piled into Harry's Range Rover and off we went to milkshake city, all six of us.

~authors note~

Hey guys!! This is my first fanfic so I hope you like it!! Comment what you think and if you have any ideas give me some too!! Also like and favorite!! Thanks!! Love you all!! Xx
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