Two Against One

Anna becomes friends with One Direction at a photo shoot. But what happens when both Harry and Louis fall for her? Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together? When one of them makes a huge mistake who will take the fall? Anna, Harry, or Louis?


4. Jealously and a kiss

Anna's POV

After the movie was over, we were all really tired. I decided to just let the boys stay over for tonight.

"Do you guys just want to crash here? I asked

"Ooooo!! Anna wants us to sleepover!!" Louis yelled. "I knew she wanted some of this!!"

I blushed a bright red. All the boys started to laugh.

"Sure!" Liam replied. "We'll stay."

"SLUMBER PARTY!!" Louis yelled.

"I'm hungry!!" Niall whined. He went into the kitchen.

"So guys, what shall we do?" Harry asked.

"LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!" Louis yelled

We all agreed so we sat on the floor. Niall had found a bottle in the kitchen and he laid it in the middle.

"Who's going first?" I asked

Zayn yelled, "I will!"

He spinned the bottle and it landed on Harry.

"Harry!" He shouted, "Truth or dare?"

"Umm, Dare." He replied.

"Ok, I dare you to kiss Anna for 20 seconds." He said micheviously.

I started to blush. Harry seemed to have no problem with it though.

"Ok." He said as he moved his face closer to mine.

-Harry's POV-

When Zayn dared me to kiss Anna, I knew this was my chance. I had to make her fall for me. I wanted to make her mine. She started to blush when she heard the dare. I leaned in closer and pressed my lips against hers. I kissed her softly but lovingly. Zayn was counting but after 20 seconds passed we were still going at it. We didn't stop until Louis cleared his throat. We broke away and everyone was staring at us with their jaws dropped. Anna started to blush.

"I guess you guys were having fun huh?" Niall said starting to laugh.

The rest of the boys chimed in. Except for Louis. He was furious. I could see it in his eyes. Anna was completely oblivious to what was going on. I don't think she had any idea that both Louis and I liked her. I don't think she liked either of us either.

Oh well. I thought. I'm just going to have to turn on the charm to make her fall for me. And that kiss certainly helped.

After a couple more truth or dares, we all got kind of bored. Louis got up and said, "I'm going to go to bed. Anna? Where can I sleep?"

She replied, "In the guest room. Down the hall, second door on the right."

Louis walked away. He was still mad I could tell. We all went to bed after a few more minutes. I'm glad I got to kiss Anna. Tomorrow I think I'm going to ask her out on a date.

-Anna's POV-

Wow. That kiss was AMAZING. It's like we fit together. I don't know how to describe it. It was perfect. We didn't stop until someone cleared their throat, I think it was Louis. The boys were staring at us until Niall said something that made them all roar with laughter. I was too much in a daze to hear what he said, but I started to blush anyway.
Louis was acting weird for the rest of the night. I felt bad. I hoped it wasn't because of the kiss or anything. I don't think it even meant anything to Harry....I kind of wish it did though. I think I might like Harry. Like more than a friend. But the same with Louis too. I'm so confused.....maybe thing will be clearer in the morning.

-Louis POV-

When Harry and Anna kissed. I could see red with anger and jealousy. I was so mad. She's mine I wanted to yell. I think I really like Anna. But I think Harry does too. I'll just have to make her fall for me before she falls for him. Which will be hard because he ALWAYS gets the girl he wants. Well I think tomorrow ill ask her out on a date. I went to bed early so I could plan it. I want to make this perfect...
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