Sequel to Chances. If you decide to read this story i recommend you read Chances first, it'll clear things up for you.


5. Tacos and Music Videos

"Hello, welcome to Taco Bell... Oh my gosh, you're Harry and Maddie Styles. Oh my gosh, i love you guys!" A cashier named Kat said, she had a country accent. I looked at Harry and smiled, "I love you too!" He said and smiled at her.

"Oh, i'm sorry, i'm totally fangirling. What would you like?"

"I would like five tacos with everything."

"Jesus Harry, you weren't kidding when you said you were hungry! I would like two tacos with everything." Harry chuckled.

"Ok, your order will be right up. Is this for here or to go?" I looked at Harry, "I think we're gonna eat here."

"Alrighty then, you guys can go sit. I'll bring you your food," she was really pretty. Long blond wavy hair, blue-grey eyes, long black eyelashes, and she was petite. "Thanks, Kat," i said.

Harry entertwined our fingers and waved our arms back and forth, "Where would like to sit, wifey?"

"I don't know, Hazza. How about near the window?"

"Perfect!" We went to the window and sat across from each other, we were laughing when Kat brought us our food. "Hey, Kat would you take a picture with us?" I asked, she looked at me with happy surprise. "Of course!"

Harry stood up and put his arm around her shoulder, i pulled out my phone and put my hand on her waist. "Okay, smile!"

"Thanks, Kat!" Harry said and gave her a hug. She blushed, "Hey, whats your twitter?"


"Thanks!" Harry sat down as Kate left and started eating. I posted the picture to twitter, tagging her in it. '@Harry_Styles and I met Kat today, Isn't she gorgeous?! Follow @Katdelia!! Love you guys! <3' Notifications piled up, i looked at what they were saying.

Zayn posted, " @Harry_Styles @Maddie_Hendrix It looks like you guys are in Taco Bell. She is beautiful!"

"@Zaynmalik We are at Taco Bell! hahahaa" I set down my phone and started eating, those were some good tacos! "Babe you have something on your face..." I said to Harry, he had sauce on his chin. I laughed when he tried to get it off with his tongue.

"I got it," i reached across the table and wiped it off with my finger. I saw flashes go off around us, they weren't allowed inside so it came from next to the window.

"I'm done." "Me too!" We got up and threw the stuff in the trash, "Bye, Kat!"

"Bye guys!" We walked back to the apartment, or should i say ran? Screaming girls made us run half the way. I thought it was funny, i actually fell on the ground laughing at Harry's face. "I won't let my wife die!" He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, he continued running as i laughed. He ran into the building and up the stairs. "Hazz, i think we're safe now!"

"Not until we get back in the apartment!" He unlocked the door and ran in. "Hey! They're home!" Harry jumped and screamed like a girl, I fell on the floor holding my stomach while i laughed.

Everybody looked shocked that he was so jumpy but laughed with me. "Jeez Harry, what the hell's wrong with you?!" Lou shouted. "You just scared me!"

"Hahahahaa!!!" i laughed on the floor. "Hazza you dropped Mads on the floor! That's not scared, that's terrified!" Liam said between laughs.

"I'm sorry Mads!"

"Don't worry about it, Hazz." I got up and tried to control my laughing. His face was just so scared, and his scream! "So what are you guys doing here?" I asked when everybody calmed down.

"We were bored." Niall said.

"Of course you were, so what did you expect us to do with you?"

"We were thinking we could make a music video." Zayn stated. "Oh cool! How about call me maybe?"

"Perfection!" Louis shouted. "I'll get the camera!" Liam shouted, jumping up and grabbing my camera.

"Sure Li you can use my camera!"

"Oh, yea. I'm using your camera Mads." I laughed, "Well way to ask!"

"Okay everybody, we're not actually singing, we're just lip syncing. Singing just takes to much work!" Lou shouted.

"Oh! I've done this before! With Selena and the big time rush guys!" Justin said excitedly.

"I've seen it, it looked fun!" Perrie shouted. "Lou and El you're first!"

"Got it!" We went through it and watched it. It was actually really similar to the one Justin did. Harry and I did the almost kissing part but Eleanor pushes us away from each other and dances.

We danced a lot in that video, i didn't say it was all good dancing. Harry can't dance for his life, but i love that he tries. Liam posted it to youtube and twitter, and we all sat down to watch Pitch Perfect.

I lay on the couch with Harry. He was sitting at the end, my head was on his lap as he stroked my hair. Liam and Jenn were sitting on the floor next to the couch. Nialler and Ana were squished into the chair, El and Lou were sitting in a similar position to me and Harry but on the loveseat.

Justin and Rachel were sitting next to Liam and Jenn, they were holding hands, ugh i knew this would happen, but whatever they looked happy together.

Zayn and Perrie were sprawled across the floor laughing loudly at every funny thing that happened. I missed these people a lot, except you know Justin, cause i lived with him.

I looked up and Harry and smiled, he caught me and smiled back. 

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