Sequel to Chances. If you decide to read this story i recommend you read Chances first, it'll clear things up for you.


1. Nightmares and Disguises

"Shut up, don't scream," my ex ripped the tape off my mouth, tears were falling violently down my face.

"Please, please, don't hurt me." I shook my head back and forth.

"Don't make me feel guilty for this. You bitch. You dropped me for that curly haired son of a bitch."

"You dick! I knew dating you would turn out bad. Kill me i don't care. At least i know i died loving somebody that actually cared for me, unlike you. You were always a bastard to me, Jeremy." I started to get angry.

"I always loved you, Madison. Why do you think your here?!" I disgusted me to hear him say my full name.

"I don't know, Jeremy.Why don't you tell me," i stared into his dark brown eyes hoping that it would make him uncomfortable.

"Because you deserve to be with me,  not that dick who left you as soon as you got married."

"He didn't leave me. I had to go to college and he had to work." I said through my teeth.

"Oh really, is that why you haven't seen him for a year?"

"If you really payed attention you'd know that it's only been three months."

"Shut up! Why am i even having this conversation with you. I should kill you right now. Or maybe i should have sex with you and make you live with telling your curly haired fag that you had sex with somebody else."

A dark smirk grew on his face and he pulled a knife out of his pocket. He came at me and pushed me up against the wall raising the knife over his head, "Have a nice life in hell, bitch."


I sat up fast, sweating and breathing hard. That god damn nightmare again, i never even dated a guy named Jeremy! I calmed myself down and stood up slowly. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, average teenager; maybe just not the married to one of the most famous british boys in the world.

My blond-red hair was sticking to my face from the sweat, my bright blue eyes looked scared and tired, my skin looked a little pale and had a slight green tint to it. I was wearing an orange sports bra and sweatpants, i stood remmidiatly tall and was slim. I took a brush out of a cabinet and brushed my hair.

I walked out into the living room and the house was dead silent. I slowly opened the door to Justin's room and walked in quietly. "J. Wake up," I said. He groaned and rolled over pulling the covers over his head. I go through this every morning, i know how he is.

"Alright Bieber," I sat on his back and pulled the covers off his head. He groaned again, "Okay Okay, im up!" I ruffled his hair, "I'm making french toast." His eyes were still closed as a small smile spread over his face. "Yayy," he said in his morning voice while he stretched.

I stood up and walked to the kitchen to make french toast. It's been four months since the wedding, today is December 11th. I can't explain how much i miss everybody, especially my cheeky husband. As i pulled out the plates, my phone beeped. I flipped the french toast and put it on the plates, turning off the burner. I picked my phone up off the bar, it was a text from Louis. 

'Hey little carrot!'

'Hey big carrot! I miss you!'

'Ugh, you took my words. :('

'Sorry ;)'

'So whatcha doin?'

'Just making some french toast for J.'

'I wish i was there, you make mean french toast!'

'Aww thanks carrot, what about you?'

'I don't know where i am.' 

'How is that possible... you and the boys are always together...'

'Yeah, yeah. I am with the lads, they don't know where we are either, don't make fun of my street skills ;)'

"Morning Mads." Justin walked in. 

"Oh morning, alright. I go in there and wake you up politly and you roll over and don't even appreciate politness."

"Sorry, i was up late last night," he ate his food guitily. 

"Doing what?"

"Texting Rachel." 

"J. You CANNOT get involved with Raych. I'm telling you it won't turn out good for anybody."

"I know I know, we're just friends."

"Okay.... well i gotta get going." 

"Okay, bye madders!" I laughed and gathered my stuff. I opened the door and walked down the stairs to my car. I promised Justin i would go to the market today, so i got Eleanor to go with me. I drove to her apartment and honked the horn.

I saw her close the door to the lobby and run to the car, jumping in. "Mads!!!" I laughed i saw her just yesterday. "El!!!"

"I missed you!!"

"I missed you to!" We both giggled and i drove to the market. Paparazzi were following us but i usually didn't have a problem with it.

El was wearing a crop black shirt, high waisted white shorts, and a brown belt. Her hair was in a high bun and she was wearing beige oxfords.

I was wearing a blue maxi dress and a black fedora over my fishtail braid.

We got out of the car and walked into the building. People were shouting stuff at us, we really aren't that famous. Somebody else must be here that's making these people so excited. We got a cart and put our stuff in it. I went to the far aisle first passing all the others in the process. I tend to look down all the isles when i do this.

I noticed a big group of people in one of them but i didn't think anything of it; i mean this is New York so you see strange people all the time. The last isle was the bread and pastry's. El went straight to the cake, she has a sweet tooth. We walked down all the others throwing stuff in the cart. I caught a few people looking and smiling at us, but again i didn't think anything of it. It was when we got to the fresh market that i started to get suspicious.

"El, do you see these people looking at us?"

"Yes! I didn't want to ask you, i thought you would think it was normal."

"No, this is weird." We looked around us, people were literally staring. I walked slowly to the blueberry's, as El walked slowly to the carrots. I was looking at one of the boxes when somebody appeared beside me.

"Excuse me, can you help me?" I turned and smiled politely. He had black straight hair, brown eyes, and amazing dimples like Harry.

"Sure, what did you need?"

"If you could take a picture with me..."

"Umm, sure, okay!" He pulled out his phone and stood next to me awkwardly. I silently laughed, he seemed kind of socially awkward.

"Okay, smile!" I smiled sweetly and he did one of the most shocking things, he kissed me on the lips.

"Woah! I have a husband."

"Really, oh my god. I'm so sorry. I didn't know he could kiss you!" I looked at him confused, what the hell is he talking about? He then pulled on his hair, i almost screamed when it came off. He had dark brown curly hair underneath, i jumped on him. "OH MY GOD! Harry! What are you doing here?!"

"We got off a week early, i couldn't take it without my beautiful wife anymore," i pulled my head out of neck and smiled at him.

"And you couldn't just tell me?"

"Now why would i ruin a great surprise like that?" He smiled looking into my eyes. I shook my head and kissed him. He moaned quietly as i bit his bottom lip. I pulled away when i saw a carrot fly and heard El scream. I looked over Harry's shoulder, El was hugging a boy with blond hair and dressed in all pink. I laughed of course Louis would dress like a little pink unicorn. I turned back to Harry and we both burst out laughing.

"How long have you been here?"

"Oh, we've been here for about three hours."

"So how much food did Nialler have to reject since he's been here?"

"All of it," we both continued laughing, camera flashes had been going off around us since i screamed. I kissed him one last time and jumped off. He intertwined our hands, "I missed this, a lot."

"Me too, but i missed you more," i said.

"Mads!" I turned towards El and Lou. She pointed at him, i laughed and pointed at Harry. El walked over, Louis ran over yelling, "Little carrot!!" I dropped Harry's hand and ran into Lou's arms. We shared our moment and he stroked my hair, i laughed. We pulled apart and i lightly hit his face, "Such a cute blonde."

I turned to walk back to Harry when three boys jumped up in front of me, "Jesus Christ!" "Mads!" "Bestie!" "Baby Sis!"

Niall, Zayn, and Liam all piled around me and gave me a hug. "Okay, i love you guys, but i can't breath!"

"Sorry!" They all piled off, i took a good look at all of them.

Zayn's quiff was covered with a brown wig that had bangs, his eyes were blue. Nialler's signature blonde hair was covered with a light brown curly wig, his eyes were gray. Finally, Liam's brown hair was covered with a blond shoulder length wig, it looked kind of hippy/beachy; his eyes were bright green.

"You know what i wanna do?" I asked.

"What?" They all replied in sync. "I wanna go back to the apartment and disguise El and I, call over Raych and Jenn and do the same to them, then take a picture of us all. Then we should go out and mess with people." Everybody's eyes lit up.

"That sounds fun!" El shouted.

"Okay, lets just buy this stuff and get going." Everybody started to walk towards the register, i stayed back with Harry.

"So when did you learn how to talk with an American accent?"

"When i started dating a sexy American girl from Florida two years ago. I just got better at it when we were in Australia in August."

I smiled, he sounded strange with an American accent, his voice didn't sound as deep because he could talk faster. I mean yeah, sometimes you zone out listening to him since he talks so slow but i love how sexy it makes him sound with his natural accent.

"You talk faster with it, prevents me from dozing off while you try to finish a sentence," i joked.

"Uhh i can't control that!"

"Hahaha! I'm just joking! I always listen to you babe."

"Yeah sure. Like i don't notice when you do something else while im talking, love." I pretended to doze off while he was talking.

"Like that!" I laughed and we went to meet up with the boys. After an arguement, Harry payed for the stuff and we went back to the apartment, stopping at a wig and contacts store on the way there. The boy's picked out what we would look like, while El and I looked at people getting their hair done.

We all walked in the door to the apartment at about two p.m. I went out ten a.m to go get El so we didn't take that long. Harry went to throw his stuff in our room and came back out when Justin sat up off the couch. "Justin!!" Niall ran at Justin and gave him a big hug. I laughed, "So who want's to go to the pool?"

"Me!!" Lou shouted ripping off his pink shirt and pants.

"Everybody's down?"

"Yes!" I changed into my magenta bikini that sort of looked like selena gomez's and walked to the pool room. Everybody but Harry, who was standing beside me, was in the pool splashing water everywhere. A girl with dark hair was standing with Niall with her back to me.

"Niallerz! Who's your girl?!"

She turned around and it was Ana. "Ana!!!" I screamed. I ran and jumped in the pool.

"You've been ghost lately! What happened to you?!"

"Calm down Madders! Nothing happened, i've been living in London with Niall."

"Well, duh i knew that! Why don't you ever call me?"

"I figured you were busy with school."

"Never to busy to talk to my best friend!" She laughed and i gave her a welcome hug. I climbed out of the pool, Zayn was sitting at the table. I went to sit next to him, "Hey Zayners. What's wrong?"

"Hey Mads. Nothing's wrong. Why do you ask?"

"I saw you sitting over here all alone, der."

"Long flight, i'm a bit tired."

"The water will wake you up, silly!" I laughed and turned on the radio, little mix was playing. Perrie!! I missed her, i wish she was here.

"How could you bitches go swimming without me?!" I turned toward the door. A blonde girl was standing there with a bag falling from her shoulder.


"Mad-Dog!!!" I ran and jumped on her, just about knocking both of us over.

"Is that me i hear on the radio?"

"It sure is," Zayn went over and kissed her on the lips. Rachel and Jenn showed up and completed the circle, as Justin was there to. We were in the pool having a mini party for almost five hours, time goes by fast when you're with your best friends that you haven't been together for four months. We all showered and sat down in the living room.

"Okay, who's first?" I asked. We were ready for our disguises.

"I want to go first!" El shouted jumping up and going to sit on the bar stool. Louis followed and got her bag off the counter. He moved away after four minutes, "Done!"

"I wanna go now!" I shouted. El looked really pretty but not as gorgeous as usual, with platinum blond hair and grey-blue contacts. Harry and I stood up and replaced Louis and Eleanor. Harry pulled my wig cap on, then the wig. He carefully put in the contacts, saying sorry repeatedly when he thought he hurt me.

I looked at myself in the mirror, brunette curls and bright green eyes similar to Harry's made me look absolutly gorgeous. The wig went down to my lower back, straighter at the top but curled at the bottom like Harry's curls. I could be a girl version of Harry, it's crazy how alike we looked right now. "You look gorgeous as always," Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me.

Ana went after me with dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes like mine. Then Perrie, brunette with brown eyes, similar to Zayn. Liam picked out Jenn's and disguised her. Jenn was a natural dirty blond with green eyes and stood at 5'4, i like to call her shawty. Liam made her have long black straight hair and the brightest green eyes i'd ever seen.

Rachel and Justin were last, i wasn't about to let Justin have a moment with her so i did it for her. Justin has a girlfriend back in California, it's not right to cheat on her, that's why i wouldn't let him get close to Rachel considering she's the only one of us single. Rachel had brown straight hair and bright green eyes and stood at about 5'6.

I put a blonde wig on her and gave her brown contacts. I did Justin to, i didn't give him a wig i just brushed his hair down so his "bangs" were on his forehead. I gave him blue contacts, he looked kinda cute like this.

"Okay everybody, picture!" Niall yelled. We piled into as tight a circle as twelve people possible could and made funny faces.

I looked at the picture; Harry was in his duck face position, I had my eyes crossed and opened widley, my mouth in a pucker face and my fingers in a peace position; El was next to me crossing her eyes as well and staring at my hair playing with it, Lou was next to her with his mouth open as if he was screaming; Jenn had her tongue sticking out and her eyes opened wide, Li was kissing her on the cheek (the only normal person in the pic); Perrie was on my shoulders making a face similar to mine but her mouth was wide open in a slight smile, Zayn was staring at Perrie with a strange look on his face his arm around El's shoulder; Niall was rubbing his tummy as if he was hungry and had a very sad look on his face, Ana was pointing at all of us as if we were freaks; Justin standing with his hands in his jeans pockets and making a face as if he was also in duck face position, crossing his eyes hugely, and Rachel was laying across all of us in a model pose.

I posted it to twitter, 'Fun with the fam! Can you point out who's who? I'm the one that looks like a girl version of Harry :) The first person to guess gets to hang out with us all on the 14th! xx' i tagged everybody in it. 

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