Sequel to Chances. If you decide to read this story i recommend you read Chances first, it'll clear things up for you.


2. Multiple Times (;

We decided to stay in tonight and mess with strangers when the fan wins the contest. It was eleven p.m. when everybody went to their hotel, Justin decided he was ready to go back to California, he says he misses his music. His flight is on saturday the 13th, so two days.

Eleanor would move out of her apartment and into this one. For now Justin was staying in a hotel, he says so Harry and I could have our privacy, bless his soul. "Bye guys," i  closed the door behind them and ran to the bedroom.

Harry was soon running in to, "Babe! You couldn't wait for me?!"

"Well..." i trailed off looking down. I was already in the bed, he got the hint and jumped on the bed, crawling over me. I pulled his shirt towards me and smashed my lips against his. He smiled into the kiss and pulled at my dress that i put back on after swimming.

I threw my fedora across the room and felt him yank at the dress.

"Just rip it off if you're really having that much trouble with it," i laughed into the kiss.

Then i heard a tear, nice Harry real nice. I pulled his shirt over his head as he pulled his pants off quickly.

I laughed and shook my head, "What?" He asked in a deep voice, god i love his voice, slow or not it's fucking sexy.

"Somebody's eager," i said.

"Well i'm not going to say i haven't been looking forward to it." He kissed me with more lust, turned the light off and pulled the covers over us. I'm sure you can guess what happened next... multiple times (;


Sorry for the short chapter, i get really tired when i write this stuff for some reason and i had a feeling what i was writing would make totally no sense when i read it over tomorrow morning. I've already got an idea for finishing the chapter tomorrow, so it should be up by tomorrow night, american time. I'm american :P So um goodnight? Haha thanks for reading it! 


*The Next Morning*

My eyes fluttered open to bright light's peeping through the curtains. I covered my eyes as i grabbed the remote that closed the curtains and pressed the button that made the brown curtains go out, so it would be dark in here.

I was not ready to wake up for good, it's only 6:30. Hell, no. I closed my eyes and fell back asleep.

I woke up hours later (thank god) to Harry stroking my hair. I opened my eyes and looked into his gorgeous green ones. His chest was bear and his curly hair was going in every which direction.

I faintly smiled, "Morning." I said in my morning voice, stretching my legs.

"Morning, beautiful." I smiled and buried my face in his neck. He was so comfortable and warm.

He moved his hand down to my chin and lifted my face to his, kissing me sweetly on the lips. It was a short and soft kiss but it was filled with love and care. He pulled his lips away to early and i pouted.



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