Sequel to Chances. If you decide to read this story i recommend you read Chances first, it'll clear things up for you.


4. Dance Class

"I'm gonna warn you now, these girls are obsessed with you. And if you flirt with any of them, i WILL bitch slap you."

"It's like you question my love for you!"

"No, i don't. I don't trust these half naked girls not to make a move." I was feeling a bit nervous for what these girls were about to pull, they know i'm married to him. But everyone knows girls are backstabbers so...

"I'll keep my eyes locked on your hot body," he said with a cheeky smile.

"That's what it's there for." I smiled and kissed before opening the door and walking in.

"Hey girl!" Jenn shouted running and jumping on me, then proceeding to do the same to Harry.

"Ayy! Harry's here!" A bunch of girls looked up instantly. Harry noticed and wrapped his arm around my waist and giving me a kiss before i went to dress out and start the class. I've been running the class since October when the teacher decided to drop everything and quit, that's okay, class is pretty awesome when i run it.

I went into the room and changed into a sports bra, i took off the sweatpants and put on the pointe shoes Nialler got me for my birthday last year. We start with ballet, then move to jazz, and end with hip hop.

I walked out to the girls sitting on the floor talking, "Okay dancers, we're starting with ballet today. We do have a guest today, maybe he's thinking about working on his two left feet and getting into dancing," the girls laughed when Harry mocked me.

"Ladies, my dashing husband." He smiled. "Do you want to start with bars or foot excersises?"


"Okay, lets get the bars out." Ten minutes later i was directing, "Arms, use your abs, good crystal!" Not once did Harry look bored. We went through the holiday production, which was 'The Nutcracker'. I went on pointe, i knew Harry hadn't seen me on pointe before. "How do you do that?!" He yelled, his voice high.

"Practice, babe." The class laughed. "Okay, while i set up the music would you guys put up the bars, please?" They all stood up and piled the bars into the dress out room. "Hazza?"

"Yes, beautiful?"

"Could you control the music?"

"Of course," he got up and came to the laptop.

"Just this playlist, if i need a different song i'll just yell it."

"Used to that." I playfully hit him on the arm. He wrapped his arms around my hips, "You didn't tell me you directed the class."

"It's not that big of a deal."

"It is!"

"Why is it such a big deal?"

"It means you're the best, which i've known since the day we met." He said a he moved closer, i closed the space between us and kissed him.

"Hey! Lovebirds! We gotta class to teach!" Jenn yelled.

I laughed, "It's not like you and Liam don't do it or anything!" She gave me a look that said, 'Touche.' I gave him a peck on the cheek and walked to the front. "Harry, start the first one!" "Got it!"

For about an hour we danced to the playlist, until Harry 'accidentally' played a one direction song. "Hazza!"

"Sorry! It was an accident!"

"Sure it was! Okay girls go change into hip hop!" They all walked to the dressing room talking and laughing. "At least you picked one of the better one direction songs." He looked playfully hurt.

"I'm kidding! All your songs are amazing and catchy. We have hip hop for an hour and a half and then we're done for the day."

"Really? it's pretty fun here watching my beautiful wife show off her amazing dance skills. And she's half naked, sexy!"

"You should come more." I sat on his lap as he played with my hair until the girls came out.

"I'm gonna trust you to play these songs..."

"I got this!"

"I hope so..." As i estimated the class ended an hour and a half later. Harry made a huge deal after we performed the big hip hop number where Jenn and I do tumbling stuff and flips. He clapped and cheered,

"Woo! That's my wife and my sister! Woo!" We both laughed.

"So what'da want to do now?" I asked after we dressed out and locked up the dance room.

"I'm hungry!"

"I was hoping you would say that, i'm about to die!"

"That's what you say everytime your hungry, Mad-dog."

"Well, i will die eventually if i don't eat!" He put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to the nearest taco place. We both love tacos, Harry's love just goes a bit further than mine. 

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