Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


3. The Question That Got My Attention

Ambers Point of View

                I drove my car through the gate and into my property… or rather Niall’s and my property. We had sold our old lot, which had been ruined by fire (read my other fan fiction, Good Luck Charm, for reference) and I had begged Niall for us to buy this land. It was on the outskirts of London, and was all farmland surrounding us. It was away from the bustle of a city, and  a retreat for me. I had always wanted to own a cottage in London, although my thoughts of what London life would be like was totally different. Niall agreed, and we built a large two-story house which looked like a quaint cottage from the outside, but the inside was far from small. I loved it; it almost looked like one of those cottages from those books that you read as a little kid.

                Anyway, I parked the car in the garage and made my way to the main house. The floors were all wooden, and there were high ceilings. The wall facing the countryside was all window, so it brought the outside in. the main area served as a kitchen, dining room and living room, plus a little hideaway for Niall to play his computer games when he got back from tour.

                I boiled the kettle and made my way to my room and went into my walk-in closet. Niall had said I get to have the master bedroom, and he said he would either sleep on the couch or in one of the five guest bedrooms. Yes, we had a lot of guest bedrooms, each with enough to sleep 2-3 people, but that’s only because of the band and their girlfriends, and all my other friends. Since we lived so far out, if they came they would usually come for the night, or a few days. It was fine because they had their own rooms and bathrooms and came and go as they pleased. They each had their own key, who was I to tell them if they could stay or go? Well… I had lots of authority, but whatever. That wasn’t the point.

                I picked out a baggy sweater which had my old schools name on there and a pair of sweat pants. I got changed and threw on my slippers and put my hair in a bun. By then I knew that the kettle had boiled so I went back to the kitchen and made my tea. I took an apple muffin which I had baked that morning and sat down on the comfy sectional that cornered off the living area from the dining room and kitchen. I turned on the TV, and landed on YTV, okay so I wasn’t the hugest fan of that channel, but I knew that there was an interview about One Direction on at around that time, so I decided watch it.

                The interview seemed just like the normal everyday interview about the boys: would you date a fan? Favourite food? Dating…. The wedding etc. etc… but then the interviewer asked something else. He asked Niall about Demi Lovato…

                “So Niall… have you been in touch with Demi Lovato lately??” the intervewer asked in a sinister voice. Instantly I felt my body tense up.

                “Yeah… we text.” Niall shrugged as if it was no big deal. It was no big deal, I had no problem with Niall texting other females, guys were allowed to have friends who were girls!

                “Are you two… together?”

                “What?!” Niall gave him a dirty look. “Those rumours are ancient! Why would people think that?! Demi and I are good friends… but I’m madly in love Amber.”

                “Okay then…” the interviewer looked quite taken aback by the response. He asked a few more questions, and then the interviewer ended it. I turned off the TV and picked up my phone.

Thanks, Nialler. Just watched the interview.

                It took a few minutes for him to text back. My heart leapt. Okay… I had known that boy for what seems ages.. and I was engaged to him, but so my heart shouldn’t leap and I shouldn’t have these random fan girl moments, but I did… I guess it was true love.

Your welcome. I only love you. U don’t mind me texting Demi, do u?

No, not at all.

Niall and I texted back and forth for a little while, before he said he had to go. Then, since I had really nothing to do, I went on my twitter and decided to follow a few fans. Boy! Was there a lot of people out there! There was a bit of hate, but I ignored that. Before niall and I were engaged I was only focussing on the negative, hateful people, it wasn’t until after then that I could actually start focussing on the positive things people said about me, and there was a lot. I scrolled down, a few people asked if Niall was dating Demi and had broken up with me. It hurt to see people asking me that, but I answered with we were still together, forever and always.

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