Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


7. Surprise!!

Amber’s Point of View

                I hummed a popular Christmas carol as I hung up a few lights around the kitchen. I wanted to do the Christmas tree, but I knew Niall probably wouldn’t let me. Oh, how I missed that boy! I think about him a lot, and honestly, I have no clue how I’ve been able to live with being away from him. Three months exactly to this day Niall left me to go on tour with the band… it was rather disappointing.

                “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!” I sung merrily and then looked out the window. There was a light snow covering the ground, which made everything look magical. I was glad for the fireplace I had convinced Niall to get. It made everything seem so much cozier, especially with the snow.

                Suddenly, while looking out the window, I saw a car drive in. Mm… that’s strange, I thought, and had a moment of panic. How did someone get in?! Right… I remembered I had given El the key to the gate. I smiled, and looked around to see if there was anything which needed to be cleaned before she came in.

                I saw El get out of her car and then… then Niall! I was dumbfounded, and frozen on the spot as Niall ran inside, not bothering to close the door and hugged me. I hugged him back. It felt good to be in his big, strong arms once more. He smelt really good too, and he looked even more handsome than when he left. His bleached hair was growing, showing tonnes of brown roots.

                “I missed you, Amberger,” Niall whispered in my ear, not letting me go. Not that I cared, I wanted him to stay with me forever.

                “Missed you more,” I challenged.

                “Oh yea?”

                “Yeah.” With that, Niall placed his lips on mine and we kissed. It felt good, I had almost forgotten what it felt like.

                “Hey! No PDA, please!” wait… was that… that was Liam! I quickly broke away from Niall to see Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry all standing in the doorway, each holding a small bag with overnight things.

                “Liam! Louis! Zayn! Harry!” I exclaimed and ran over to them, each giving them a welcome hug, and then, behind them was Perrie! She had come back from her tour too! I hugged her extra hard, saying how much I missed her.

                “Okay... where’s the food?” Niall said, interrupting my welcomes. He had already made his way into the kitchen and started opening up cupbaords.

                “He hasn’t changed at all, has he?” I asked the boys with a shake of my head.

                “Not one bit,” Louis said. “And I made sure of it too.” We all laughed, and I made my way to the kitchen. Perrie and Eleanor followed me while the boys threw their stuff down by the door and sat on the couch, straight away turning on the TV.

                “Niall, I didn’t expect you to come,” I explained. “I’ve got a few carrots in the fridge with other veggies, but that’s about it.” I felt terrible, but Niall accepted the offer and brought the healthy snacks to the boys.

                “Wow! I love these lights!” Perrie exclaimed as she fingered the lights I had just hung.

                “Thanks, Perrie! How was the tour?” I asked as I took out eight mugs and the coffee machine and kettle.

                “Utterly amazing! I didn’t know we had that many fans!” Perrie exclaimed.

                “Wow! Sounds exciting! El… did you plan all of this?” I asked her as I handed El a cup of coffee.

                “No… I just received a text late this morning saying: ‘we’re at the airport, where are you!?’ from Lou. I haven’t exactly had time to react.” Eleanor shrugged with a laugh. “I think they forgot to tell us.” This was said in a whisper, because we knew the boys would take offence to that comment.

                “Let’s watch a movie!” Zayn declared and then leaned over from his position from the couch over to the large selection of movies we had acquired over a long time. Yes, most were destroyed in the fire, but then most of the fans took it upon themselves to donate things to us. It’s not like we could say no, so we got a whole bunch of movies.

                “This one!” Louis called as he took a random movie from the selection.

                “Tommo! That’s a romance!” Harry said in a disdainful tone, and jumped on top of Zayn and Louis, who were on their hands and knees on the floor looking at the moves.

                “Oooooouuuuuchhhhh!” Zayn moaned. “That hurt, man!” he shifted his position, so Harry fell on the ground.

                “Sorry, man!” Harry apologized, but not really.

                “Don’t forget me!” Niall called as he literally jumped on top of the three.

                “Guys! Behave! This is not your house!” Liam called overtop of all the noise.

                Perrie, Eleanor and I stood behind the island in the kitchen, watching like hawks. This was better than any comedy. I laughed as Liam attempted to peel the boys off of each other as they were wrestling, knocking everything down.

                “That’s why I don’t have any valuables out on those shelves,” I explained to the girls, and they all started laughing again.

                “This one!” Harry called as he held out The Titanic.

                “No!!! What about this one???” Zayn held out a movie about war, which was obviously not going to be my choice.

                “This one’s better,” Niall declared as he took out a horror movie. I smiled, knowing what he was doing there. He knew that if I got scared, I’d snuggle up closer to him.

                The boys fought over it for a few more minutes before Perrie intervened. “Okay, boys! Put them on the table, close your eyes and pick one already,” she demanded. The boys said okay, and it ended up being the horror movie.

                Niall smiled at me, and I smiled back as I took my place at this feet down beside the couch. El and Perrie had sat beside me, as our boyfriends had hogged the couch. Oh well… I didn’t care, because Niall was here.

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