Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


6. Sorry

Zoe’s Point of View

                “Well…. In fourth grade I had busted my leg, and needed surgery for it, so I had to go to the hospital and stay there for a week. Around the same time, Niall had done something to his arm, and he also needed surgery. While recovering from our surgeries, we were placed in the same room,” I explained, still rather tense. I looked from Amber’s eyes to Eleanor’s eyes. They were both hard, but Amber showed signs of embarrassment.

                “Go on…” Eleanor urged.

                Why did I listen to them anyways? Why did I ever let amber have that dress, and why didn’t I keep it for my wedding with Niall? Right… because we were never going to get married. He’d probably forgotten all about it with all this fame and stuff. It was probably getting to his head. But… a friend of Niall’s was always a friend of mine; I guessed and decided to continue, even though this story was absolutely none of their business… “We got bored one day, and it was terribly hot outside. I randomly asked him who he wanted to marry, and he named the least popular girl in the school, well… that’s what he told me about her anyways. I smiled at him, and then, without warning he grabbed a piece of paper and a a few coloured pencils and drew something, then gave it to me. It was of a girl who looked almost exactly like me, and you, Amber, wearing the same dress I told you. ‘that’s what my wife will look like,’ Niall proudly told me. He gave me the picture to keep, and we kept in touch even after the hospital visit. We lost contact after he auditioned for the xFactor,” I said. “By then, I was graduated from high school and decided to design a wedding dress, and it came out the way that Niall had drawn. It was perfect.”  

                “Ohhhh okay…” Amber shook her head in an understandable way. “We’re sorry for jumping to conclusions.”

                “Oh, no. that’s fine!”

                “Here, a friend of Niall is a friend of mine,” Amber said and hugged me, and then Eleanor hugged me and apologized.

                “Here… when does your shift end?” Eleanor asked me.

                I looked at my watch. “In half an hour…” what were they planning?

                “We’ll take you out for lunch,” Eleanor then said. “We’ll hang around here until your shift ends and then take you… umm… where do you wanna go??”

                How was I going to tell these people that I didn’t have any money? That I had to go home straight away because i had a date with my boyfriend for lunch? “Ummm… I’m kind of busy…”

                “With what?” Amber asked. “Please… please can you come to lunch with us??? It gets boring hanging out with EL all the time,” Amber joked.

                “Hey! That’s not nice!” Eleanor pretended to be offended, but ended up laughing.


                “Okay… I’ll cancel…” I gave in. “We can go to Nandos.” It was a safe option; both would have gone to Nandos numerous times.


                Ambers Point of View

                “So again, we’re super sorry for the rudeness,” I apologized against o Zoe. She turned out to be a pretty cool person, though she was a few years older. We got the best service, since the waiters all knew who we were, so we got out meals pretty fast.

                “That’s fine, I totally understand. It’s not everyday people pick out the perfect dress in a matter of seconds.”

                “Okay, that’s good.” We talked about other things for a while, until I looked at the time. I was going to be late for work if I stayed any longer. I excused myself and hurried off to work, making a mental note not to tell Niall about Zoe. I wanted it to be a surprise…

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