Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


17. Shopping

Amber’s Point of View

                As I worked around the kitchen to get some breakfast ready for the two of us, I noticed that Niall was unusually tense. He kept fidgeting as if he had a huge secret, but he couldn’t tell anybody.

                “Why don’t we turn on the TV?” I asked as I flipped a pancake onto the frying pan.

                “No… there’s nothing on, I already checked,” Niall replied, looking longingly outside. The ground was still dusted with snow, a reminder that today was December 17th,  almost exactly a week from Christmas.

                “Okay then… what are your plans for today?” I asked, placing the cooked pancake on a plate and pouring more batter into the frying pan.


                “How about we go Christmas shopping together? We still have to get something for the boys, Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle, remember?”

                “Right.” Niall seemed distracted as he replied.

                “What’s up, Nialler?” I tried as I took the plate of now cooked pancakes into the living room.


                “Well… you’re sure acting as if something’s up,” I pushed and put the pancakes on his plate, and a few on mine. “We’re getting married in a few months, there should be no secrets.”

                “I know… I know…” Niall sighed. “Well… shopping sounds great, Amber! We’ll leave right after breakfast. Do you have a list?”

                Well… he was better at changes topics than I remembered. “No… do you have list?”


                “Well… I know Harry would love a cat, and Tommo would love us if we got him a pet monkey…”

                “Hold it! I’m not getting each of the boys a pet… you know how fast they’d die?!” Niall joked and put up his hand. I saw a twinkle in his eyes, which I loved.

                “Sorry, Niall…. I forgot. Though… wouldn’t it be entertaining for the fans if you boys decided to take your pets up on stage one time?”

                “It’d probably scare the animals to death,” Niall laughed. “But we’ll see about if we can get these boys a pet. Something tells me it wouldn’t go down well…”


Niall’s Point of View

                “How about this?” Amber held up a stuffed monkey with brown fur. I laughed.

                “Is that for Tommo?”

                “Yup.” Amber smiled and proudly put it in her basket. I have no clue how we ended up in the toy section, but we did anyway.

                “And I suppose that this is for Harry?” I asked, holding up a stuffed black and white kitten.

                “Yes! Let’s give them these as a joke!” Amber enthused, her whole face brightening up. I laughed, but agreed. What harm could a little fun do? We chose out a turtle for Liam, and a shark for Zayn. We weren’t one hundred percent sure which animal to pick from, but Amber insisted on the shark, so I agreed.

                “Now we need something for the girls,” I told Amber as we made our way out of the toy section. I pulled by baseball cap further down my head, hoping no one would recognize me. Though, I think the white polo shirt, baggy jeans and shoes would give it away first, but who knows?

                “How about…” Amber made a thinking face, and walked backwards, smiling cutely at my face. I really loved her, and was glad we would get married. “Wedding invites,” she finally said.

                “We’ll get ‘em out soon enough,” I assured her, knowing that it was something we should do. “So long as we can invite some celebrities.”

                “Of course,” Amber agreed. “And my family back home.”

                “Mmm….” I made a thinking face. “We’ll see about that one.”

                “Fine. Then no celebrities.” She stopped in her tracks and put her arms across her chest and made a puppy dog face.

                “Fine… only if you behave,” I agreed, and took her hand. “But what should we get these girls?”


                “That’s for you, silly.”

                “So what? I know of some perfect movies for the girls!” Amber protested.

                “Hey!” I stopped at the jewelry section. “How about a necklace each with their first letter of their name?” I held up a necklace with a sparkly E up to show Amber.

                “I love those!” Amber agreed, and helped me find the D and P. Okay… so even though Danielle and Liam had broken up, we decided it would be better for Danielle to be part of our Christmas, just because. “What about some for Little Mix?”


                “They’re all sleeping at our house too… aren’t they?”

                Right… I totally forgot. “Yes, they should get one each too,” I agreed. We chose out those necklaces and then made our way to the cashier. While waiting in line, Amber was looking at the magazines and I was updating my twitter: Christmas shopping done!

                “Hey Niall…” Amber said in a small voice. I looked up, so her face crumpled.

                “What’s up, Amberger?” I asked as I looked at the magazine she was holding up.

                “How come you and Zoe are on the front cover holding hands?”

                I was stunned; I had no clue that it had gone that viral. “Ummm….” I was at loss for words, and put my phone back in my pocket. “Zoe came up to me and held my hand for a few minutes, and she wouldn’t let go,” I eventually said. “But it’s not what it looks like.”

                “How did she know you were in McDonalds for a lunch break? There’s a picture here of you eating and her watching you.”

                “Listen… I don’t know, Amber. She just caught me by surprise.”

                “Sure.” There was sarcasm in Amber’s voice, and tears in her eyes.

                “Okay… we’ll sort this out later then, okay? We can’t do this in public, and anyway, it’s our turn to pay.” I put the basket on the counter, and the cashier scanned everything.

                “Can I have an autograph?” the cashier asked politely once I had paid.

                “Sure… where?”

                She took out a scrap piece of paper and a pen, so I quickly put down my signature for her and then left, holding Amber’s hand. I knew she was doing it just so she wouldn’t hurt me, but I knew she was extremely hurt…


Author’s Note

Sorry for not updating in a while! I’ve been super busy! Woow!!! A thousand views?! Thanks!

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