Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


8. Put To Work

Louis’ Point of View

                I woke up just on time and pulled on a shirt and a pair of jeans before heading to the kitchen. I smelt coffee brewing, so when I turned the corner I was surprised to see Harry also up. He was only in his boxers, which is an improvement from being totally naked, he seemed to have remembered that this wasn’t his house and ladies were present.

                “Morning, Tommo,” Harry greeted in a groggy voice. He had poured himself some Rice Krispies and walked over to the island where there was barstools.

                “Why are you up so early, Hazza?” I asked, very confused. Harry loved to sleep as long as possible.

                “Jet lag,” Harry moaned as he lifted one spoonful of his cereal to his mouth. Suddenly, I heard snoring. Who was that? I peered over towards the couch to see Niall sleeping. His blanket had fallen off, and he was nearly falling on the ground.

                “Nialler’s sleeping, Hazza,” I whispered in a sneaky tone. A plan was already brewing in my mind. Harry’s eyes lightened up, and we wordlessly grabbed a cup from the cupboard and filled it with freezing cold water. We tiptoed over to where Niall was sleeping, counted to three, and together threw the water on Niall.

                “What?!?!?!” Niall immediately jolted upward, his sleepy face now wet. “What was that for, boys?” he asked as he saw us.

                “You were sleeping,” Hazza explained. “It was all Tommo’s idea, anyways.”

                “I’LL GET YOU!” Niall declared as he jumped up from his position on the couch, and started chasing us around the room. We were yelling, screaming and having a great time. We most likely woke everyone up, but it’s not like we cared.

                “BOYS!” that was Amber’s voice; we stopped where we were to see Amber standing in the entrance to the grand room. She was dressed, but had neglected to do her hair, and she still looked half-asleep. “Who is handy with a hammer?” she asked next.

                I put up my hand, as did Niall and Harry, we all knew that we couldn’t do it, but whatever.

                “I’ve always wanted a horse, but Niall won’t let me have a horse until we have a bit of shelter for it, so you boys just volunteered yourselves to build that shelter!” Amber declared. I had a feeling that she was going to get Zayn and Liam do it too, so even if we weren’t messing about she would have told us to build a fence.

                “We’ll be good next time, we promise!” Harry pleaded. “But do we HAVE to build a fence?”

                “Yes,” Amber decided. “Even if you weren’t fooling around I would have told you too… so go get dressed… Hazza, that also means you.”

                “Okay…” we all sighed and went to our rooms to get changed…


Ambers Point of View

                I sat on the deck with Eleanor and Perrie, covered in blankets, watching the boys build the deck. It was entertaining to say the least. The first aid kit was by my side, we already had to use to three times, all for Harry.

                “Owwww!!” Harry yelped once again and swung his hand in the air. The boys were getting absolutely nowhere with this project.

                “Again? Are you serious?!” Lou complained with a roll of his eyes.

                “Yes! It hurts! I’ll demonstrate,” Harry offered, but Louis moved his hand just in time.

                “Should we tell them to wait till spring?” Perrie whispered. We all looked at each other and started to laugh.

                “We should… we’re just being mean,” I contemplated…

                “But it’s fun to watch them suffer!” El complained, and we all agreed to that.

                “Girls… girls… girls… the boys will complain we’re the meanest girlfriends ever,” I warned.

                “You’re right,” Eleanor agreed. “You tell them,” she told me.

                “What? But then they’ll chase me around the yard!” I argued. “You should, Perrie! I patched up Harry three times, and all you did was laugh!!”

                “Well… why don’t we all tell them and run?” Perrie suggested.

                “Okay… one… two… three…” Eleanor counted.

                “Wait till spring, boys!” We all yelled and ran inside. The boys seemed slow to catch on, but eventually threw down their tools and ran too catch us. We got chased for atleast ten minutes, and it ended up that Niall started tickling me. I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t stop laughing. I kept kicking, screaing and laughing. Eventually Louis came and joined in, and then the girls had to pull the boys off of me.

                I lay on the floor, trying to catch my breath. My stomach hurt from being tickled soo much… oh well. I decided to offer hot chocolate for the boys, after all they had put a lot of work into that shed we never actually needed.

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