Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


21. Now?

Eleanor’s Point of View

                I didn’t ask any questions as to why Amber sounded like she was about to cry, or why she wanted to spend a few nights at my house. I should have… but I didn’t. Quickly I prepared the guest bedroom before leaving to pick up Amber. First though, I needed a Starbucks coffee. I ordered, and then hit the country road to Amber’s place.

                I parked the car and turned it off, slipped out and headed to knock on the front door. A distraught Niall answered.

                “She’s… ah… she’s ready,” Niall mumbled, not inviting me in.


                “Oh! You’re here, El! Thanks!” Amber rushed down the stairs, completely ignoring Niall. Niall tried to hug her, but she brushed him off. “Not now, Niall. Maybe after… after you’re fully over Zoe,” Amber told Niall.

                “Okay… bye.”

                “Bye.” Amber then brushed past the door and went into my car.

                “Sorry… I’ll talk some sense into her,” I promised as I patted Niall’s shoulder for support. He gave me a small smile and thanked me. Then, I went into my car and started the engine.

                “Thanks again, El.”


                We didn’t talk in the car, and as soon as we got to my place, Amber went into the guest bedroom and cried herself to sleep. I had no clue what happened… I knew it was something about Zoe. Knowing it could wait till tomorrow, I turned on the TV, and the channel which it was on showed a picture of Niall and Zoe kissing. Okay… Now I knew what was going on, and I was pretty certain that I would have the same reaction as Amber if Louis ever did that to me.


Amber’s Point of View

                We had gone through so much together, been by each other’s side through it all. Why did Niall do this? Why? He promised that it wasn’t what it looked like… He said it was a mistake… he admitted to kissing her back. Ugh! What a mess! It was early morning, and I had woken up and couldn’t go back to sleep, so that’s why my thoughts were running everywhere. Finally, I dragged myself out of bed and decided to go for a run. Running always helped me refresh and clear my mind. So I changed into some comfy running clothes, grabbed my iPod and left a note before heading out the door. I didn’t know exactly where to go, so when I got out of the apartment building I turned right. I ran and let the cold, morning air rush against my cheeks, making them turn bright red. My legs were turning frozen. I hardly listened to the lyrics of the song; instead I used the beat as a rhythm for my feet.

                As I pushed on, my anger slowly relented. I was getting tired, but kept pushing. Turning my attention to the lyrics, I had to stop. The song which I was listening to was from the Take Me Home album. As I slowed to a stop, I found a bench and sat down there. I started to cry. They Don’t Know About Us was playing, and I totally related to it… Niall and I had kept us a secret from the fans… then we told everyone. Those were the happiest days of my life. Suddenly my mailbox was filled with letters from the fans, and I had thousands of followers on twitter in a couple days. I was in love with Niall then. Now? Now I didn’t know. So much had happened in so little time. Niall had changed, and I had loved him more than ever just a few days ago. But now… now he seemed like my enemy. I shook my head, and looked at the time. It was eight o’clock, I should head back to Eleanor’s. So, I pushed myself off the bench and started jogging in the direction I had just come.


Niall’s Point of View

                I had made the biggest mistake of my life. The night was horrible and lonely, I had no appetite. Instead, I kept the Take Me Home album on replay. When I recorded these songs, almost every single word I sung I meant for Amber. Then, Amber was mine and no one else’s. Now… now I wasn’t too sure.

                At nine in the morning, I jumped in the car and headed to work. We were still finalizing the stuff for the world tour, and what songs we should sing. I was dreading work. I always knew before that when I came home from work, I would come home to Amber. Now, I would come home to an empty house. Well… at least I worked with my four best friends who never neglected to put a smile on my face.


Eleanor’s Point of View

                Amber came back from her run with a tear-soaked face; I was going to ask her about it, but not now. It wasn’t the right time.

                “Are you okay if we meet up with Danielle and Perrie today?” I asked her when she came out of the room, showered and dressed.

                “Sure, when?”

                “This afternoon… just to catch up, you know.” I shrugged. “We’re meeting at Starbucks.”

                “That’s a surprise,” Amber sarcastically laughed, and I laughed to. Yes, it was pretty common for us to meet at either an ice cream place or Starbucks. We never really switched it up, at least then we wouldn’t spend hours deciding what to get and five minutes sitting down to talk.

                “Ya.” I smiled. Amber sat down beside me. “Soo… is now a good time for me to ask what’s going on?”

                “Now?” Amber looked a bit shocked.

                “If that’s okay.”

                “No… now’s fine.”

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