Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


19. Mixed Feelings

Niall’s point of view

                I quickly broke away once I realized what I had done, and ran down the busy street. I didn’t know what to think. Part of me said I loved her… the other part said I didn’t. I kept running, withouot a destination in mind. Soon, I found myself in a park. It was the place I always went to clear my thoughts, especially when I first became THE Niall Horan. Finding a seat which was empty, I sat down, contemlplating what to do next. Should I tell Amber, or not?


Zayn’s Point of View

                I was on my winning streak on my racing car xbox game, my record by far! I was just around the corner from winning when I heard pounding on my front door. I thought it was just a crazed fan, but it persisted. It sounded urgent. Resentfully I paused my game and decided to check it out. If it was crazed fans I would tell them that they cost me winning my race, that should make them feel guilty.

                I went up to the door, and looked through the peep hole to see who it was, to my surprise, there was Niall. Tears were down his face, and he looked like he was a mess. Quickly I opened the door, and let him in.

                “Zayn! I need to talk!” Niall gasped as soon as the door closed.

                “Okay, bro, uh… come on into the living room.” I showed him into the living room, even though I didn’t need to. Niall sat down on the couch, and I sat down beside him. “What’s up?”

                “I… I kissed Zoe…”


Harry’s Point of View

                My phone rang just as I was about to start a movie. I picked up my phone.

                “Harry here.”

                “Harry… can you come, Niall’s gotten himself into a rotten mess,” Zayn said.

                “Uhh… what kinda mess? I was just about to start…”

                “A love mess,” Zayn replied. “Can you come to my house… pretty please?”

                “Okay… I’m coming. I just need to get dressed.” I hung up and went to my bedroom and pulled on a pair of jeans and a striped shirt. It was actually Louis’ shirt, but he let me borrow it since we are basically the same size. Then I put on a pair of shoes, grabbed my car keys and sped over to Zayn’s house.

                I let myself in, and then found the two sitting in the living room. The rest of the boys were there too.

                “Soo… I kissed Zoe… I didn’t mean to!” Niall said as soon as I sat down.

                “You what?!” we all exclaimed at the same time.

                “And… and now I”ve got mixed feelings. Should I tell Amber, or not?” he sounded distraught.

                We all debated it for a little while, and then decided that we should.


Niall’s Point of View

                I left Zayn’s house in shreds. The boys said that I should choose between Amber and Zoe. They also said I had to tell Amber that I kissed Zoe. Man, what a mess I had gotten myself into. Finding a taxi, I hopped in and ordered to go home. I dreaded my next task…

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