Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


23. If Only...

Niall’s Point of View

Can we catch up? Miss ya xxxx

I ignored the text which I had just received from Zoe. Did she actually think we were in a relationship? Was she crazy? Right… she was. I miserably shook my head.

                “What’s up, Nialler?” Louis asked as he came up to me. We were just hanging out at the studio because none of us had anything better to do.

                “Oh… It’s only the conflict between Amber, Tommo,” I explained with a sigh. “Last night Amber went to El’s house… I suspect she’s staying forever.” Tears threatened, but I forced them down. The love of my life, was potentially gone.

                “It’ll get better,” Louis promised to me. “Or I’ll have to chat with El about kidnapping her friends.” He gave a soft laugh. “You’re still planning on coming to see Little Mix Christmas Eve… right?”

                Just days away. I groaned… “Yeah… I am. Where will we all meet? Here at the studio and then wait for the limo to take us to Little Mix’s concert?”

                “Yeah,” Harry replied. “Then off to yours, Niall, for a great night!”

                “Is Amber still invited?” Liam asked as he came up to our conversation.

                “It would be mean if I said she wasn’t allowed to come after paying for her tickets… and then she’s not allowed to join us at her house,” I shrugged my shoulder. “Maybe then I can tell Amber how much I love her.”


Zoe’s Point of View

                Why wasn’t Niall replying to my texts? Had I said something offensive? I didn’t think so… closing my eyes, I went back to when I kissed him. It was just like old times… and he even kissed back. It was magical. Hopefully I’d be invited to his Christmas celebration, since I already had told my family I was going with my boyfriend to celebrate Christmas. Well… boyfriend to be. But what if I wasn’t invited? Never mind that… I had already found out their plans, and I would get a seat at that Little Mix concert right beside them, even if it was the last thing I did.

                I applied my makeup, not forgetting my bright-red lipstick and headed out. I knew exactly where Niall was, and it was coming to the time when he was getting off work. Maybe I could take him to dinner… or he could take me. Just to get up Amber’s nerves. I hadn’t heard anything on Amber’s response, but I hoped that that kiss had convinced Niall to move on and break up with Amber. If only…

                If only it did, then I would become Mrs. Horan. If only… I would be the wife of one of the most famous boys in the world. If only he could change his mind, my parents would be proud of me and I could quit my job at that wedding dress shop. If only…

                “Snap out of it,” I demanded myself as I stopped infront of the One Direction studio. It was crowded by girls… like usual, but I just pushed through and went into the front door without anyone asking. Maybe I looked familier? Who knew. I went up to the front desk.

                “Hi ummm…. Is Niall Horan available?” I fluttered my eyelashes as I asked the lady. She was older, and had huge glasses.

                “No… not to the public, I’m sorry. The boys will be coming out to do a bit of signing in a minute though, dear.”

                “Umm… I’m a friend of Niall’s,” I explained. “And I need to talk to him right now.” I gave her a bit of my attitude, but that didn’t matter. If that’s what it would take to speak to my Niall.

                “Okay…” the old lady picked up a speakerphone. “Niall Horan to the front, Niall to the front please.” She then put it down. “He’ll be here in a minute dear… just go sit down and read one of those magazines while you wait.”

                “Ohh.. ok.” I walked over to the small sitting area which had been motioned towards me. There was two leather couches, and a glass table in the middle piled high with magazines. I grabbed the first one I saw and sat down. Waiting….


Louis’ point of View

                “Niall Horan to the front, Niall to the front, please.” The voice of our trusty receptionist was echoing throughout the whole studio.

                “Niall… you need to go to the front!” I told him, banging on the door to the washroom where Niall had gone too. He had been there for a while, and I suspected it was because he was upset.


                “Yeah… Claudia’s calling you.” Claudia was our receptionist, we liked her because she wouldn’t go and fan girl about us. She was too old for that, and she treated us like her own children. It was nice.

                “Okay fine….” Niall grumbled and then I heard the door unlock. Out came a Niall which I hardly recognized. His eyes were red and puffy with tears, and water marks streaked his face. His hair had fallen down over his eyes, so I couldn’t see the sorrow, but I felt it. “Now that you see, can you tell Claudia I’m not up to visitors?” Niall requested.

                “Oh… yes… I’ll tell her.” I gave Niall a quick hug, and then left the area, motioning to the others to go comfort Niall.

                Once I got to the front, my heart sunk. There stood Zoe. She looked up as I came, and her face was disappointed.

                “Sorry, Zoe. Niall’s not up to visitors right now,” I apologized in the nicest tone. I had to bite back what I would say, which was ‘especially you, you self-fish cold-heart girl’.

                “Ohh… is he sick?”

                What should I say? Say he was crying because of her, or say that he was indded sick? “Of sorts, Zoe. He would prefer not any visitors today.”

                “Oh no! My poor Niall is sick! Take me to him!” Zoe pleaded in a dramatic tone. I rolled my eyes.

                “NO! Now leave!” I placed my hands on her hips, trying my best not to punch her.

                “Not until I see Niall!”

                “NO! LEAVE, NOW!”

                “Please!” Zoe pleaded with tears. Wow… this girl was worse than a fan.

                “Security!” I called at the top of my lungs, as Zoe kept hastling me to see Niall. She even jumped up on me, but I quickly pushed her down. Quickly security came, and took her to the back to let her out of the building.

                If only Niall hadn’t gotten himself into this mess. If only Zoe wasn’

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