Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


13. Happy Ending To An Exciting Day

Eleanor’s Point of View

                Okay… I was extremely shocked when they said that they found an unpaid item in Amber’s purse. She was freaking out, and was led to the back of the store.

                “I’ll call Lou,” I quickly offered as us three girls gathered near the change rooms. We were told to leave, but we refused to leave without Amber. Being girlfriends of One Direction, they let us stay, obviously not wanting to get in a huge controversy.

                “Okay,” Perrie agreed. She was trying not to cry. We all felt extremely bad for Amber, and I was also trying my best not to cry.

                “What’s your name and we’re you from?!” Louis demanded as soon as he picked up. He knew it was me, but he liked to do that once in a while. I decided to let him have his fun.

                “It’s Eleanor Jane Calder… and I’m from Manchester, though currently living in London,” I replied in a sad tone.

                “What’s the matter, babe?” Louis asked once he heard my tone. He sounded concerned.

                “It’s… it’s Amber, Lou! You boys have to get to topshop in the mall pronto!”

                “Wait… what’s wrong with Amber? Did she get hurt???”

                “No… they found a necklace in her purse when we were going to leave… so now… now they think she was shoplifting it,” I hurriedly explained. “Maybe you can talk to the manager? Ask him not to press charges?”

                “Okay… the boys and I are literally thirty seconds away… Niall decided he was hungry and the closest food place was the food court.”

                “Okay… bye Lou.” I hung up, and leaned against the wall. This was a lot of stress. The police would be here soon to pick up Amber… so maybe the boys could talk to the manager… offer to pay for it? That sounded like something they would do.


Niall’s Point of View

                “We have to go… Amber’s been accused of shoplifting,” Louis explained as he got up. I dropped my pizza. Suddenly, I wasn’t hungry.


                “Topshop,” Louis explained. We all forgot our food and ran towards the store. My heart was racing, and I had a sick feeling. Honestly… Amber would never shoplift… would she?

                We entered the store, and found Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor sitting by the change rooms, looking very distressed.

                “Where did they take her?” I asked.

                “In the back… I guess waiting for the cops,” Perrie replied and shrugged.

                “Okay… I’ll go… and umm… who wants to come with me?” I asked, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn all put their hands up. So, we walked over to the cashier.

                “May I help you… YOU’RE ONE DIRECTION! I’M A HUGE FAN!” The cashier nearly screamed. She was a young girl, and her screaming in my face wasn’t appreciated.

                “Uhh… ya… hi,” Liam mumbled. “Can we speak to your manager?”

                “Sorry… uh… he’s busy at the moment,” the girl said awkwardly. “Do you need anything?”

                “Ya… I need my girlfriend back?” I asked in a rude tone, and I blushed as soon as it came out. I didn’t mean to be so rude, especially to a fan.

                “Ya… about that…”

                “We heard… but I don’t think your manager will be too busy to talk to the hottest boyband?” Harry asked in a very polite, yet not so polite tone.

                “Umm… lemme check…” the girl quickly left to the back of the store.

                “I feel bad being rude to a fan,” I admitted, and all the boys nodded.

                “But, how else were we supposed to go and get Amber?” Zayn reminded us.

                “True… but what if she doesn’t like us now?”

                “She won’t,” Louis promised with a smile. He defiantly had something planned.

                “He can see you!” the girl came back.

                “Okay… thanks,” we all replied at the same time, and then laughed. It was a nervous laugh, but at least it was a laugh to break the mood.


Danielle’s Point of View

                To tell the truth, yes it was a little awkward when the boys came running in, and I saw Liam, but I got over it pretty fast. I was too worried about Amber too exactly care. Was she going to get charged, or could the boys get her out of it??

                Twenty minutes later the boys walked out, with an Amber clinging to Niall’s side and so did the manager, though he didn’t seem so happy.

                “How did you get her out of it?” I asked in bewilderment.

                “Well… we agreed to sign a few things,” Harry explained with a shrug. I wanted to hug them all in thanks, but I knew it was going to be just a little too awkward for Liam….


Louis’ Point of View

                I gave Eleanor a hug, and then went over to the counter where the cashier was. She looked bored.

                “Look… I’m sorry we were rude,” I apologized to the girl. She looked up.

                “It’s okay… I’m used to it.”

                “Here… I’ll make it up to ya,” I told her. Get any one item from the store, I’ll pay for it, and sign it. Just for you… I’ll even get the other boys to sign it too if you want.”

                The cashier started to fangirl, and quickly raced away to get a shirt. She came back with an expensive, white shirt that had our faces on it. I smiled, took out a sharpie (that was one thing I learnt to never leave the house without… you never know when you have to sign autographs.) and signed the shirt for her, and then took it over to the other boys who all signed it. Then, at the bottom I wrote: So sorry for being rude, Love. Hope this makes up for it! Then, I gave it back to her. I received a huge hug from her, and she seemed ecstatic. I paid for the shirt, and then the boys and I had to leave.

                To get Amber back was a relief, and also knowing she wouldn’t be fined. It was fantastic. To celebrate we decided to go out for dinner and have a movie night at Ambers.

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