Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


16. Disaster

Zoe’s Point of View

                I got home and rewarded myself with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Hopefully I had gained enough publicity with Niall. I loved Niall more than ever. I walked to my room in the apartment in which I lived and took out a box. It was a bunch of souvenirs I had gained from when I was dating Niall three years ago.  There was a napkin from the restaurant we went to for our first date, the lip gloss he had bought me and worn piece of paper with scribbles on there. It was a song he had written for me, his best work yet in my opinion.

                Slowly, I sang the song to myself. Tears fell down my cheeks. Would Niall ever love me as much as he did before? Was Amber truly better than me? No… that seemed impossible. I hadn’t seen a song in memory of Amber yet. I bet the only reason Niall proposed to Amber and not is because when we were dating we were too young to get married, but now… now we weren’t too young at all…


Perrie’s Point of View

                I threw my hair up into a messy bun and poured myself a cup of coffee. It was nice and jolted me awake. The perfect way to start a day. I took out my phone and lay down on the couch, clearing a spot on the coffee table and placed the cup on there. I then searched for the TV remote and turned on the TV for background noise as I checked my twitter and Facebook. There were several tweets from fans asking how I was and saying good morning, so I replied, and a few asking how Zayn was and then… then there was a strange one asking if it’s true that Amber and Niall had broken up. I was astonished! No… they would never break up, they were the perfect couple!  I tweeted that particular fan back asking why she would ask such a thing, and then I looked up at the TV to find my answer. There was a picture of Niall and Zoe linking arms, walking down the street, a picture of them talking in McDonalds, and more of them walking down the street. There must have been some mistake!

                “Is Niall cheating on Amber? Niall looks pretty familiar with this mystery girl,” the TV reporter commented and went into further detail.  I couldn’t bear to listen, instead I phoned Niall.

                “What??? It’s soo early,” Niall moaned as he picked up.

                “Is Amber around you?” I asked.

                “No… why? What’s soo important?”

                “Was it intentional of you to get together with Zoe, but make it so obvious to walk on the streets hand-in-hand with her so the whole world could see?” I asked in a stern voice.

                “Whoa… what do you mean?” Niall asked, stunned, astonished.

                “I bet if you go onto Google and type in Niall with mystery girl you might get a few answers,” I replied. “Just make sure Amber doesn’t see it or she’ll get hurt.”


Niall’s Point of View

                As soon as I hung up with Perrie, I went over to the computer and typed in what Perrie had told me to in Google. There, in front of me flashed numerous pictures of Zoe and I. there were a few of her holding my hand when I was leaving, another few of her leaning towards me as she sat opposite me. Still others were of Zoe running up to me, and linking arms with me.

                Yes, Perrie was right. Amber better not see this, because if she did this would become a disaster, as if it wasn’t already.

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