Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


28. Dinner with the Boys

Amber's Point of View

Anguished, heartbroken. I had to fight down the tears when I saw that Niall hadn't bothered to come to the dinner. He must really love Zoe, I thought with my nose stuck high. I really didn't like that girl. I never really did... It was wrong of me to think it would be cool to get Niall reaqquainted with an old friend. It was wrong.

"Sit beside me," Harry instructed when I came.

"Okay." I took the seat, and El took a seat by Louis. Perrie was beside Zayn... and Liam was beside me. I was inbetween Harry and Liam.

"Soo... today the Tommo threw water at me," Harry started off by saying.

"I did not! You told me to!" Louis protested.

"Oh woow..." Perrie rolled her eyes and munched on her gum rather loudly. "That is not news at all."

"What's new to you than?" Zayn demanded. And so the friendly banter continued, no one seemiing to miss Niall. It didn't seem right. I didn't talk very much, I just mostly figited with my fingers, and mindlessly ate my food. I didn't a thing, but I didn't care. I was numb. I was mad at Niall.


Back at Elenor's apartment I went straight to bed, and cried myself to sleep. I was to horrified to do anything else.

The next morning, I woke up and went into the main room where Eleanor was watching a live interview the boys were doing on this popular TV show or something.

"Soo... Niall, last night the lads and the girls went out for dinner," the interviewer said and in flew a picture of us all having a good time. "But... you weren't there... instead you were here..." Another picture of Niall and Zoe popped up on the screen of the two enjoying a meal. "Can you explain?"

I didn't wait for Niall to explain, I turned around and went straight back to the room which I had made mine. This wasn't fair. Why was Niall doing this too me?? Why?? This is officially the worst Christmas ever... and it was only days away.


Authors Note

Hi! Thanks for all the favorites, likes and views! It's just AMAZING! Soo.. .I was wondering who has listened to the new One Direction album, Take Me HOme? Also.. which song do you think fits Niall's and Amber story the best?

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