Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


5. Confrontation

Ambers Point of View

                I met Eleanor at Starbucks the next day, we both came exactly at the same time. It took me a while to decide what to order, but I eventually got a Frappuccino. Eleanor got her usual order, and we walked down the sidewalk to the dress shop.

                “Are you positive about this?” I asked Eleanor as we walked along the road. “I mean, what if we’re wrong? It’ll just be way too awkward and embarrassing.”

                “How will we know we’re wrong if we don’t ask?” Eleanor asked, as she took a sip of her coffee.

                “I don’t know,” I shrugged and drunk a bit of my drink. I felt that people were watching me. Was it because I was engaged to Niall Horan, or was it because I looked funny. Quickly, I scanned my outfit. Nope, everything was fine. It must have been because I was engaged to Niall.

                “Well… do you want me to do the talking?” El asked.

                I sighed in relief. “Yes!” I was rather shy, so I never liked to talk in awkward situations, so I never really did appreciate people following me around. But, it’s not like I had a choice, was it?

                “Okay… here we are,” El said with a smile and opened the dress shop door. The bell rang as we walked in. I loved the atmosphere, and the soft, classical music playing in the background made it rather elegant. There wasn’t many people in the shop, and the lady who had helped us came right up to us.

                “Welcome back! Was the dress not to your liking anymore? Did you show Niall? He loved it, didn’t he?” she seemed so confident, and yes, I admitted, it did bug me.

                “No, everything’s fine,” El said, her voice was strained though. “But, we do have one problem.” She put up one finger, and looked the lady square in her eyes.

                “Yes, what is that?” the lady seemed a little uneasy. I knew from the start that she was hiding something.

                Eleanor didn’t say a word, but gently pushed her into a corner of the shop so she couldn’t run away. “What’s your name?”

                “Zoe… Zoe Brown… why?” Zoe seemed quite flustered, as she leaned against the bare, blue wall.

                “Zoe… how come you knew that this dress was perfect for Amber?” Eleanor asked in a threatening tone. I knew she was doing it just for show, but I was wondering if anyone could see us through the window and call the police. We could most likely get arrested for assault.

                “Just… just a hunch,” Zoe said as she tried not to show that she was panicking. She was though, I could see her sweat.

                “I told you, El,” I said in a let-down tone, and pulled on her jacket, motioning us to leave so it couldn’t get too awkward.

                “No… she’s lying,” Eleanor insisted a tone which told me that she wasn’t kidding. She was determined to find the truth. “Tell us the truth, Zoe.”

                “Okay, fine!” Zoe exclaimed exasperated. “I used to know Niall from when we were little. We were… umm… close.”

                “How close?” I jumped in, getting overprotective. Get a grip, I told myself, Niall obviously had girlfriends prior to me, but I still had to meet them. Okay…. I might be a little overprotective over Niall.

                “Close enough to be friends,” Zoe explained. “Niall obviously had friends before One Direction came and took over his life.”

                “Okay…” Eleanor said and released the tension from her body, and acted as if nothing had ever happened. “Tell us more.”

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