Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


31. Concert

Niall’s Point of View

                I was really nervous as I stepped backstage to drop off my stage clothes, and then I headed towards the seats. I was noticed by a few girls, but I ignored them. Looking at the front I saw the boys fooling around with each other, and then Perrie, Eleanor and Amber were trying to have a conversation, but they kept getting interrupted by the boys. As I got closer to them, I heard their conversation.

                “Hey, El! Am I stronger than Zayn?!” Louis asked, prodding El on the shoulder, as she tried her best to ignore him as she was facing Perrie, talking.

                “Perrie! I’m stronger than Lou! Tell him!” Zayn pleaded with Perrie, while she tried to ignore him. Both girls had a smile on their faces, nearly laughing as the boys tried desperately trying to get their attention. My heart sunk. It wasn’t that long ago that we could all go out together and have fun… but I ruined it because I kissed Zoe.

                “EL! Stop ignoring me!” Louis said, as he tried to turn Eleanor around. I laughed as I came to the front row and took my seat, which just so happened to be beside Amber… and an empty chair. That was good. It was always nicer to have an empty seat than a screaming fan beside me.

                “What’s up, Amber?” I asked as I got comfortable. She was slouched in the chair, with her arms crossed against her chest. She looked angry, mad. Worst of all she looked like she didn’t want to be here.

                “You know whats up, Niall,” she replied with a huff, not even looking in my direction. I was hurt.

                “Okay then…” there wasn’t much else to say. Perrie had already excused herself to get ready, so Amber and Eleanor had started talking.

                “Oh! I never thought you’d be here!” the all to familiar voice broke through the noises. My heart sunk.

“Zoe!” I put on a fake smile. “Why are you here?”

“The same as you, silly.”

“Right.” I quickly turned around to see Amber’s disgusted, hurt face. She quickly got up, and headed to where Harry was sitting, which was on the other side of the boys, and soon enough Harry came and took Amber’s seat.

“That’s just not cool,” Harry grumbled as he took the seat. “But at least I’m beside you, and not some crazy fan!” he told me with a smile. He then looked past me, and his gaze stopped at Zoe. “Oh… uh… hi, Zoe.”

“Hi Harry,” Zoe gave a little wave.

“This will totally ruin your plan, man,” Harry hissed in my ear. “Did you invite her?”

I gave him a cold, glare, which answered the question for him. Why would he think so low of me? Why did Zoe have to come, anyway??

Suddenly the music and Little Mix came onto the stage with their song, Wings. Good. I was glad.


Ambers Point of View

                Arrg! Why did Niall have to do this to me? Embarrass me by inviting Zoe over too?? It was just uncalled for! He even smiled when he saw her! Why??? I quickly got up from my seat and headed over to Harry.

                “Hazza… can we trade seats?” I asked him.

                “Uhh… sure,” Harry replied as he put his phone in his pocket and headed over to my seat. Now, I was stuck between a fan and Liam, which was ten times better. Liam and I talked for a little while, but then the girls came on stage. I loved their song, Wings. Though… as soon as the girls got to the chorus Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall excused themselves and left. What was happening? I leaned in to ask Eleanor, but she was as clueless as me.

                I looked past Eleanor and saw Zoe. She looked shocked, but also happy. A smug grin played on her lips as she looked at me. What was wrong with her? Why did she have to steal Niall from me, anyway? Why??

                The song ended, and the girls started singing DNA, also a good song. Though, I wasn’t focused on the music, I was focused on what the boys were up to… and on Zoe.


Authors NOte

Again, thanks for favoriting, liking and reading it! I never expected soo many people to be interested. Wooow!

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