Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


29. A Plan

Niall's Point of View
That was the most embarrassing interview ever. I could have hurt someone... But I didn't. Instead I started to brew up a plan of how to apologize to Amber.
"Boys, we need to talk," I said as soon as we got to the green room in the back of the news place.
"What's up, Nialler?" Liam asked as he sat down on a couch opposite me.
"Well... Little Mix is doing a Christmas Eve concert, right?"
"Ya... Where are you going with this?" Harry asked suspiciously as he mixed in some sugar in his tea and sat down beside me.
"Well... Why doesn't One Direction do a special appearance? It might give the girls more fans. Besides, it's a special thing and we can play a few songs from Take Me Home. That way we don't need any extra practic."
"Niall... We can't just do this. Anyway, what's the catch?" Louis asked As he made himself a cup of tea.
"We'll need to Change a few lyrics and I've already got the songs picked out," I argued. "I'll change the lyrics and you boys just need to play along."
"Ahhh... A special surprise for the fans?" Harry asked.
"Somewhat..." I gave a knowing smile just to tease the boys before I told them my plan. My genius plan. I hoped that this would all work out...
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