Mrs. Horan... (Book 2)

Amber is living any Directioners dream, she is engaged to Niall Horan! But, planning a wedding isn't always as easy as it seems, especially when a crisis arises....


12. A Day Quickly Gone Wrong

Danielle’s Point of View

                I bit into my ice cream, listening to Amber talk. Since I had broken up with Liam, I hadn’t gotten much chance to talk to the girls, and I missed it.

                “I just feel like inviting Zoe over was a huge mistake…” Amber sighed and wrinkled her face as she was thinking. “Niall said she followed him to London… and that she follows him on twitter, but he refuses to follow her back, no matter how much she begs like the other fans. Now she knows my number, our address and code for the gate. She could easily break in…”

                “It’s okay,” Eleanor said. “She’ll forget about it soon.”

                “No… she was totally in love with Niall, when she saw him, but Niall had little interest. Then… I checked my facebook yesterday… and since I’m friends with her, I saw her status.”

                “What did it say?” I asked, totally interested.

                “It said: ‘aaaahhh! Can’t believe I just met Niall Horan, and got invited into his house!’. I was astonished that she would post such a thing on facebook anyway.”

                “Just another crazed fan, hey?” Perrie commented, totally engrossed in her ice cream.

                “Ohh yeah,” Amber sighed. “I just made this huge mistake… and it’s going to haunt me.”

                “I’m sure Zoe will forget everything,” I comforted her.

                “I guess…” amber sounded frustrated. “Let’s hope she doesn’t give my number out to everyone.”

                “She won’t,” I promised. “If they do, I’ll give them a piece of my mind.” I chuckled as I said that, knowing that it would be true.

                “Thanks,” Amber smiled.

                We talked about other random things, before finishing our ice cream. We then decided to go clothes shopping. That was always fun.


Ambers Point of View

                We first went into topshop, since it was a really nice store. We each grabbed a handful of clothes in our sizes without really looking at what kind they were and then raced into the fitting rooms, each coming out with crazy outfits.

                I found a Christmas sweater and a pair of skinny jeans. As I came out of the change room, I saw that El had almost exactly the same thing on. We both looked pretty good, so I decided to take a picture of us two and put it on twitter, just for fun. We then took a group picture of all of us in Christmas sweaters, something which we all posted on our individual twitters, just because.

                “We should totally buy these!” I exclaimed. Some of us were wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, but others were good.

                “Yes!” Perrie agreed. “And then… then we can wear them to our Little Mix Christmas Eve performance!”

                “Yesss!” we all agreed, before getting changed. Before getting changed, I quickly checked my twitter. I already had countless notifications of people saying how cool the sweaters were, and asking where the boys were. I didn’t reply to any of them, instead I quickly got dressed and went out of the change room. The others were still getting dressed, I told them I would go ahead and look around some more. I left the change room area, and wondered around.

                “Amber!” oh no… I knew that voice anywhere. It was Zoe… I pretended not to hear her, but she kept calling me. I heard her walking up to me. I tried to inspect the jewelry, but she still tried to get my attention.

                “Amber! Didn’t you hear me?”

                I jumped, Zoe was right beside me. “Oh sorry! I was admiring this necklace!” I grabbed a necklace from the rack and showed her. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

                “Yes… very…” Zoe fingered the necklace for a minute. “Are you going to buy it?”

                “No… I’m already buying something,” I explained.

                “You’re going to get married to Niall Horan! You don’t have any money to spare?”

                “I like to save my money,” I defended myself and placed the necklace back on the rack.

                “Are you here with the other girls?” Zoe questioned.

                “Ahh… yes I am. The boys are working today, so we decided to have a day out,” I explained. I put my purse out, and then took out my cellphone to see the time. It was 2:30. I would have to leave soon, and I was wondering where the other girls were. I put my bags down on the ground, and phoned up Perrie, after quickly apologizing to Zoe.

                “Where are you?” I asked.

                “We’re just leaving the change rooms,” Perrie explained. “I can see you… turn around.” I turned around, and then saw Perrie wave at me.

                “Okay… I’ll talk to you in a second.” I hung up my phone and then turned to Zoe. “I have to go now, the others are ready to pay.”

                “Oh… that’s fine,” Zoe smiled. “I’ll might come and stop by one time to say hi,” she explained. I said that was fine, though in my head I was pleading her not to.

                I picked up my things and headed over to the cashier and paid.

                “Was that Zoe?” Perrie asked me, and I nodded.

                “She wanted to come and visit me,” I rolled my eyes with a sigh as I walked out of the store. Suddenly, alarms started to go off and a cashier ran up to me.

                “Sorry… but that alarm means you’re trying to shoplift things… would you mind if I go through the bags of you two?” the cashier explained in a nervous tone. She probably knew who we were.

                “Sure.” I handed the cashier my bags, confident that I there was nothing in it that wasn’t supposed to be. I had never stolen anything in my life… well, except for the occasional cookie, but that’s all.

                “Umm… how did this get in here?” the cashier held up the necklace that I was looking at before. I gulped…

                “I have no clue…”


Authors Note:

HI! Thanks for all the likes and favoriting again! What do you think so far? Also… I was wondering if you guys preferred if I wrote a bit in British English or just Canadian English, since I can basically write in both.

I was also wondering what you guys think should happen next? Please comment below and tell me, thanks! :)

Oh! And before I forget to say, I don't mean anything bad about Amber getting caught with an unpaid thing in their purse.

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