Katherina gets kidnapped by a gang when she is on a vacation with her family in spain. she manages to to escape, but will they find her again? who is this gang? and what do they want from her?


3. What do you want?


We hid in one of the largest classes in school.

When Jose came into the library, he said to the boys that they would spread out to find us.

'' Hey, you!'' Said Jose and knocked on the drill. The librarian stood up and looked down at the ground scared.

'' What is your name?'' Said Jose.

'' Kari.'' Said the librarian.

'' Kari, Have you seen a girl with dark brown hair and green eyes?'' Said Jose.

'' I-I do not know. There are so many in here.'' Said Kari

'' Now I'll ask you again. WHERE IS THE GIRL!''  he yelled and strangled Kari.

'' I know you know where she is.'' Said Jose.

'' I do not know, I swear.'' She said.

'' Well, if you do not know anything, so I do not need you any more.'' Said Jose and took a knife from his pocket and tried to stab her with it, but then Manuel stopped him.

'' Let her be. Let us find the girl and let's get the hell out of here!'' Manuel said holding Jose back. Jose pushed Kari down and put the knife back in his pocket.

'' Is there any way out of here without the main doors?''  Adrian asked Kari.

'' Yes, the school stairs. It leads you to the school.'' Said Kari crying.

'' Where is it?''  Adrian asked

'' At the corner there.'' Said Kari.

Jose and the boys went up the stairs and split up when they got to the school. Manuel and Angelo went to the southbase where we were and Adrian and Tony went to the lower part of the school, while Jose went to the office rooms.

Manuel and Angelo split, Manuel would take the rooms on the left and Angelo would take the rooms on the right. Manuel walked into the room where we were and saw us, but then Angelo walked in.

'' Did you see anything?'' Angelo asked standig in the doorway

'' Uh, no. you?'' Manuel said nervous.

'' No, maybe the others have.''  Angelo said walking back to the others.

Manuel walked out of the room, but then Jose and the rest of the guys.

'' Did you find anything?'' Jose asked.

'' No.'' said Angelo. Jose looked as if he felt something and looked around.

'' I think we're overlooking something.'' Said Jose.

'' What?'' Said Tony.

'' I do not know, but something is not working here.'' Said Jose looking around.

He walked slowly around. He looked at all the classrooms, but he did not go. Then he got to the room we were in He stood in the doorway searching the room with his eyes the room. Then suddenly he picked up a bracelet, it was mine, I must have lost it while running. He picked it up and looked at it.

 '' I do not have time here, Jose. Let's move on.'' Manuel said nercous. Jose looked at Manuel's eyes and nodded.

'' Okay, let's go.'' Jose said and turned around and went, but in that moment, I made a little sound that I hoped no one would hear it.

'' Did you hear that?'' Jose said, snapping his head back.

'' No, what?'' Said Tony.

'' It came from there.'' Jose said pointing to where we were. he started walking towards us

''  What have we here'' He said, and all the others came.

Adrian and Tony contents Valentina, Angelo kept me and Jose and Manuel just stood there. Angelo kept me very hard and his body was close to my body, as if he knew that I was going to run or something.

'' Hey, Katharina.'' Jose said, holding my cheek, but I didn't say anything

'' Let her go.'' Jose said to Angelo and he did it.

'' What do you want?'' I asked.

'' What I want? You know what I want.'' he said while he looked at me as if one were looking at something very beautiful.

'' No, not really.'' I said.

'' Okay, can we go now? I'm not going to be here any longer.'' Manuel said.

'' Why do you want to go?'' Jose asked annoyed

'' You have the girl, you got her, so let's leave this town!'' Manuel said, snapping back.

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