Katherina gets kidnapped by a gang when she is on a vacation with her family in spain. she manages to to escape, but will they find her again? who is this gang? and what do they want from her?


1. The gang.....



I ran. I ran for my life. I didn’t think about where I was going, or what I was doing. After I ran for a while, I ended up in a large forest. I was surrounded by trees. I sat down on a rock and began to cry. I knew that they would find me sooner or later and take revenge against me, I just knew. Breathless and tired after all the running, I fell asleep.

I woke up two hours later by a sound. The sound sounded like someone stepping on a branch. It came closer and closer, the closer it got, the more it became. I got scared and climbed a high tree. After a while I saw flashlights, for a moment I thought that it was them, but once I heard my name I thought otherwise.

''Katharina! Katharina, where are you?'' Shouted a crying woman's voice. I looked down and I saw my mother, I jumped down from the tree and gave her a hug.

*6 months later*

Katharina's Pov

It's been six months and I haven’t heard anything about the gang who chased me when I was in Spain. They called themselves “Del Fuegos”. The gang consists of five boys and all of the age of 17. It’s Manuel, Tony, Angelo, Adrian and the leader Jose. Everyone in Spain knows who they are and everyone fears them. Angelo and Manuel have black hair and brown eyes, Tony and Adrian have brown hair and green eyes, while Jose is different from all others and has dark blond hair and blue eyes. Although they all were bad, I liked Manuel best. He didn't do anything to me as the others did, it was because he wasn't near me in the beginning. He just stared at me all the time. I hate Jose the most. He is relentless and always does what he wants. Tony, Adrian and Angelo is not nice either, they are worse than Jose. They always stand behind Jose and say cruel things.

Every night I get nightmares of them, some of them are when I was hiding in the woods from them and some of them are when they kidnapped me. They said............ they said they would find me no matter what I do. They are not going to give up so easily, I can guarantee. I have not said anything to my family about Del Fuegos. I don’t know how,  and also they wouldn't believe me.

After a while I went back to school, the school is perfectly fine for me. The teachers are nice, I get good grades and everything was as it should be. But then one Thursday. I had social hour and I sat with my best friend, Valentina when I got a message from an unknown number......


To be continued.....


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