When the boys come a knocking.

Jason, Anna, and Brittany are 3 best friends who are in a boring, old school. But things start to spice up a little bit when 5 new students start school!


4. The Unexpected Kiss in the Most Unexpected of Places

Niall's P.O.V.

  "Hello?'" I called into the hallway. No answer.

  "Hello?" I call out again. Still no answer.

  I run into the bathroom and hear crying in the stall. So I go and knock. "Awe what's wrong?" I suppress a sigh. Did I really make this kid cry? Or is he crying for me?

 Finally, a reply. "I just ran out of my classroom because I didn't know what to do..." The crying gradually progresses into a sniffle. Okay, we're making some progress.

 "Come on out, it's okay. I don't bite." At that, he walks out, his face is all red, but those are the hazel eyes I saw in the classroom.

  Those eyes.

  I just need them.

  I think I'm going to kiss him.

 "Oh by the way, I'm Niall." I put out my hand.

 "I'm Jason." He puts out his hand and I shake it gladly. So that's his name. Now that I know it I sorta feel like I had a load taken off of my shoulder.

  "Well Jason, should we head back to homeroom?" I ask joyfully.

  "Not yet."

  "Why?" I'm getting a little excited at the fact he says not yet. Maybe something is going to go down!!! ^-^


  "Because why?" He's taking to long. Should I just do it or no? I'm going to do it.

  "You enjoy asking questions don't you?" He knows me so well already! I giggle at that retort.

  "Why yes I do. But you get used to it. ^-^" I feel funny. I decide to make my move then.

  I lean in and I kiss him. Short and quick. But it was one of the best kisses ever. It was like sparks flew on our lips.

 "Okay, now we can go." He says, seeming happier.

  "Shall we?" I ask holding out my hand.

  "Lets." He instantly grabs my hand and we walk off to homeroom.


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